Foreign Friendly Taxi

Privillege for foreign tourists
Taxi service for foreigners!
Many people may not know there is taxi stand for foreigners only in Kyoto station. Drivers of the taxi from this station had trained on foreign languages and hospitality for passenger. Besides foreigners, pregnant women and people with wheelchair or large luggage also can take taxi from here. They are called “Foreign Friendly Taxi”.
In addition, Taxi allocation app “JAPAN TAXI” started service that you can request Foreign Friendly Taxi since March 2017. This is the first mobile app in Japan that most people use, consisted with 44,000 Taxis. There are 2.8 million users and 280,000 taxis are allocated by this app every month. This app helps foreign tourists to find Foreign Friendly Taxi even if they are not at Kyoto Station.
download this app now and spend time your time well
JAPAN TAXI is similar with Uber service, let taxi driver know your location by GPS, go to pick up at where you are and send you destination. Once users set up destinations, choose Foreign Friendly Taxi and click “Call taxi”, notification will be given to all cars and the one which locates close to you comes to pick you up. You will not need to see the map and waste your time because taxi sends your destination directly.
Estimated fare and time are shown on the screen once you set your destination. So it must be helpful even when you have an appointment to see your friend at destination. You should try to download this amazing app before you leave to spend your time well in Japan.
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For your information, you can find Foreign Friendly Taxi at the following taxi stand in Kyoto station too even you don’t have JAPAN TAXI app. We hope they help you well and make your travel more fun!
Kyoto Foreign Friendly Taxi

Since 1st April 2017 (Saturday)
Taxi stand ① East end of Kyoto station Karasumaguchi (京都駅烏丸口東端)
09:00 am – 11:00 pm
② East end of Kyoto station Hachijoguchi (京都駅八条口東端)
24 hours
Languages English & Mandarin Chinese
Payment Cash / Credit card / ICOCA and more

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