Pre wedding with ORION BEER in Okinawa

Nice item for pre wedding
Most of couples would like to use some items for photo shooting to make their photo unique. Especially garland and classic umbrella is used for almost all customers. Our customers also had brought couple doll, fireworks, Chalkboard and so on so far.
The idea of NICE! OKINAWA Photography that we started to work with this summer is very unique too. NICE! OKINAWA Photography is the crew that mainly serves at Ishigaki Island and Nago city, prepares ORION BEER chilled by ice for the couple and takes photos in the scene the couple drinks it!
ORION BEER is Okinawa’s local products, known well and seen often today in Hong Kong too. It is produced in Okinawa only. When we see photos taken at beach, it’s not easy to find out which country/which location it is taken at. But when you see a couple is grabbing ORION BEER, you know photo is probably taken in Okinawa. This great idea came from crew’s motto and hospitality “Be. Okinawa, Feel Okinawa”. The groom told us after he came back to Hong Kong that he enjoyed beer so much because they were feeling a bit hot while photo shooting.
We have seen a couple is drinking Shochu on shooting in Kyushu. But ORION BEER tells where you are better than anything. NICE! OKINAWA Photography provides ORION BEER to all couples besides car driver.

couple like Okinawa Orion Beerchilled beer for hot daybeach at Okinawawedding photo with Orion beer

Enjoy cold beer
beautiful beach of Okinawa

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