Family photo

Cute sisters of 3 years and 5 years youngBig smlie1, 2, 3 smile!!Lovely sistersFeeling like I'm becoming a bit olderThey are runningSweet family photo with Osaka castle landscapewe are enjoying silence.

Did you call my name?Please make me cuterhold hands and walk togetherGion KyotoLook at photographer and smilesweet sweet familywhat can you see from there?what's that sister??1, 2, 3, jump!!I love you papaHello mom and dadFirst experience to wear kimonoTaking a walk with kids kimonoSnap shoota cute girl and beautiful maple leavesSuch a beautiful dayA girl is smiling at shrineI love you daddy!Lovely family, mama and I wear Kimono. Do we look good??Take more photos please.I am a bit nervousWe all love you sweet angelA happy nmomentI am 3 years oldGreat posing for photo shootingA moment that I can experience "Adult"Do I look like my mother?small handCute sister, take my handThank you so much dad and mom to treat me good alwaysWith papa, mama, grand pa and grand maLooking at photographerA girl wtit Kimonoatelier Cashaatelier CashaBell ForBell ForBell ForBell Foratelier CashaFamily photo in OkinawaFamily photoFamily photo wearing Yukata in OkinawaFamily photo in OkinawaAnniversary photo
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