Nagano 長野 (Karuizawa 軽井澤)

Photo gallery of Karuizawa

Relax time in silence at KaruizawaThe happy moment for couplesBig hug in big natureShe is waiting for somethingRiding on white horseChatting and smilingTalking a walk on sunday morningIt's beautiful snow scene in Japan

Warm spring is coming soonDid you call us?Yellow flower fieldsI'm nervous to say I love you in face to face.Family trip and enjoy this orange landscapeIn front of water fallWooden houseSilent sceneryHe's talking to us, listen.Cool summer in the forestsound of silenceA bride who is surrounded with tall tree.Warm sunshineThat's our special dayShall we take a walk outside?We had been waiting for this moment for ages.A couple is taking a rest at Japanese tea house.Karuizawa Photography TeamWalking in the forest with white ponymother nature KaruizawaA couple walking with black horsesmart casual wedding outfitsWhite pony celebrates for their marriageQuiet resort region KaruizawaFlower field of springDid you call our name?Enjoying sounds of silenceBig smilingyou are so beautifulNervous momenta couple in forestMind your stepHolding each other till we see the sunlightI will protect you in our entire lifeSnow landscape in KaruizawaWooden house Karuizawa JapanDating in the forest at Karuizawa japanA couple appear on pool surface.Can I kiss you?Try my hat on.A couple suits on white kimonoCherry blossom sceneryFormal wedding outfits "Japanese Kimono"Walking in beautiful sakura scenery


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