Tokyo 東京

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beautiful view is shown on pondBride standing under the maple leavesrainbow bridge in TokyoThis is the most memorial day in my entire life.Couple walking forward to Tokyo towerTokyo tower backgroundpre wedding in cherry blossom sceneSakura scenery in Japanese spring

Japanese traditional shrinecasual kimono for pre wedding and engagementphoto shooting in Japanese stylegreat landscape of Nipponengagement photo shooting in AsakusaAsakusa Tokyofresh flower crown and bouquetsilent spot behind busy Tokyowedding photo shooting in traditional Japanese gardenKimono for weddingJapanese gardenI'm going to marryred color uchikakeSwearing forever lovewe are feeling how happy we areKissing in happy momentour initial S&Ypre wedding with smile balloonfly to sky with brideHold my hand in your entire lifeI feel safe anytime you are around meour memorial place Tokyounique wedding photofunny style pre wedding


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