Introduced by “Be Okinawa”

[Date: 17/06/2014]

We are introduced by “Be Okinawa” website.

Be Okinawa

The rainy season is breaking in Okinawa on 23rd June according to the weather forecast.
You can choose one of our great packages which serve you photo shooting at white sand beach, Uninhabited island and beautiful church.
Our most reasonable package for shooting is HKD 10,350 by “Bell For”.

Shall we make a shooting plan with us to visit there for your pre-wedding ?


We just started to serve you with Kyoto-Kojitsu 京都好日

[Date: 12/06/2014]

We are very proud to announce that we just started to introduce “Kyoto-Kojitsu 京都好日”.
They are the Gold Medal Winner of “Wedding Photo Award” for four consecutive years.
These pictures got the Gold medal title.

Kyoto KojitsuKyoto-KojitsuKyoto-Kojitsu

If you book through us you will be able enjoy all your choices of their outfits without any additional option fee.
They work in collaboration with the popular hair salon in Kyoto, “Vivimas Vivamas”, and the stylist will accompany with you for the photo shoot.
You will be able to have over 500 photos in data form!!



All our packages include 10×15 inches / 26 pages album !!

[Date: 12/06/2014]

You will be able to enjoy our good quality album no matter which studio you select for your shooting.

We serve big “Glass Plate covered album in our packages.

Size is 10X15 inches with 26 pages.

“Glass plate covered album”.

10x15 inches / 26 pages Album10x15 inches / 26 pages Album10x15 inches / 26 pages Album


The fee of reprinting for same album is HKD 1,280.
Or in case one album is not enough, we will suggest an additional order with different data for you.
We can arrange different size album as well.

Please come to our office to take a look once.
We are sure that you are going to be interested in our products.
Make your album filled with your smile!!!


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