Photo package for all sweet kids!!

[Date: 22/03/2017]

Cute Kimono for cute kids
We are going to the end of March and cherry blossom season of Japan is coming soon. Many couples and families of our customers also will go to Japan for their pre wedding and family photo.
And here is a new package “Family photo with Kimono” that we just start to provide, which is good suggestion for families planning to go to Japan with children. This package that we offer with our partner Zerography, dress Kimono on your sweet kids for photo shooting in Kyoto, Osaka and Nara prefecture. Of course we serve in popular cherry blossom season and maple leaf season, and you can choose shrine as shooting location too. So it must be a great deal for your memorial trip to Japan.
Let's wear Kimono with family
We have a culture called “Shichi-go-san (七五三)”in Japan that we celebrate kid’s growth. Girls wear Kimono when they are 3, 5 and 7 years young and boys wear when they are 3 and 5 years young, and family celebrate their growth and pray for their health from now on.
Zerography has Kimono selection for this habit, and mostly girls up to 8 or 9 years young can wear this Kid’s Kimono. Because father wears suit and mother wears Kimono Tomesode or Houmongi (留袖 or 訪問着) in Japanese habit, so Zerography has those Kimono too for your choices. Otherwise you can wear Uchikake (色打掛), Shiromuku (白無垢) or Furisode (振袖) as same as when wives wear wedding dress for their years anniversary and husbands can wear Haori-Hakama (羽織袴) too. Those all are included in a package.
Anniversary trip to Japan
photo gallery page for kids and family photo
When they look back a photo album 10 years later they feel like they want to come back with family again… We are now starting to give you such unforgettable photos and memories.
“Authentic hospitality for memory of your life” by Ema Mino x Zerography
*Please be noted the price HKD 17,680 is as of 22nd March 2017. It is likely to be changed by currency rate and other seasons.

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 Wedding Family Anniversary Studio
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Want to try vintage dress?

[Date: 02/03/2017]

old fashion outfits
As for the characteristic of the vintage dress, fine handwork and a delicate race errand are unique.
Walnut button selected with commitment and designs up to neckline are very popular with Japanese young couples as orthodox school vintage. Kyoto Kojitsu Photography serves pre wedding shooting with vintage dresses which is not yet known well to foreign couples, and this time we Ema Mino also start to provide this “Vintage dress pre wedding package”.
Girly yet cute
Even those who hesitate wearing vintage dress on wedding ceremony, may be able to feel free to dress on pre wedding. Looking for a suitable dress from choices of many dresses handmade by crafts, must be one of your pleasure in preparation. Because all dresses take time to be handmade by craft one by one, so there are not much sizes. Advance fitting is required to all brides before the day of shooting.
On the other hand, we provide Jacket, shirt, vest, pants, bow tie, pocket handkerchief, suspender and shoes for groom that suit bride’s vintage dress. You can choose shooting locations that we have not served before such as western historical building and indoor photo studio now. Hope you enjoy your special day in this package. Of course, you will wear both vintage dress and Kimono too.
For your special day, we are starting a great package. Please contact us if you are interested. We will send you package information privately. (It takes a bit more days to show this package on our website. We are sorry about it.)
In anyway, these are just a few of your choices. There are much more choices that we are not showing here. Hope you like “Vintage”!!

Wonderful collection

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Ema Mino on HK Economic Times

[Date: 15/02/2017]

Over 1.8 million people had traveled to Japan in 2016
It’s been just 3 days since we finished to join to Hong Kong Wedding Fair. What we answered at reporter for interview on the fair and after fair is on article of Hong Kong Economic Times (経済日報).
Honestly speaking, there are some wrong information on it but it’s obvious that more and more couples have interest in Japan as destination that they have ceremony or pre wedding at. And we also recognize our customers start to look for somewhere special such as Fukuoka instead of popular regions like Okinawa. There were some couples who were looking for packages of Tokyo, Kanazawa, Izu and Karuizawa.
According to this article, a staff of Island Shangri-la hotel said the numbers of those who want to have wedding ceremony in oversea is getting much more than before, and those couples arrange like cocktail party in Hong Kong after they come back from oversea. This year is known as good year for marriage and called “雙春 (meaning there are two starting day of Spring) ”, so many couple think about their marriage in this year.
Especially in this fair, marriage in Japanese cultural yet traditional way such as ceremony at shrine was popular with some couples. We are pretty glad to know they start to like Japanese authentic marriage and also proud of being supporting these couples.
By the way we will be introduced by a Metro Radio (Channel: 宇宙狂熱) within a couple of days. So we expect to have more opportunity to support Hong Kong couples. We want you to let us Japanese help for your Japanese wedding and feel authentic one. We are planning to join to fair and expo as exhibitor regularly and will provide promotional package and prices as well. Look forward to our service and hospitality. Thank you very much for your continuous support.
And thanks to the staffs of Hong Kong Economic Times who related with this article.
Japan is getting more popular as memorial spot for foreign couple's marriage

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NHK international news relates HK wedding fair

[Date: 14/02/2017]

This article came up one day after the fair
(NHK internet news)
A big wedding fair was held in Hong Kong where’s a big market of Japanese wedding ceremony or pre wedding. Many companies, associations and local regional offices came to join this fair and show their attraction to get couples. It is getting more and more popular for couples in Hong Kong to have wedding ceremony and pre wedding with Japanese natural scene and traditional buildings. And 21 companies and groups from Japan had joined this wedding fair.
At the exhibition, there were lots of booths from country sides that’s not known yet by much people such as Kyushu (九州) and Sanin region (山陰), and they worked hard to sell packages of ceremony and pre wedding photo shooting.
Travelling related with marriage will stay as couple’s memorial days for long and let them return to Japan in the future. A staff of one of the exhibitor who came from Ibusuki city Kagoshima (鹿児島県指宿市) said “Ibushuki has traditional Japanese attractiveness, so we hope many tourists visit to our city”.
Numbers of tourists from Hong Kong became double in this tow years and 1,830,000 people equal to one of four of the population of Hong Kong had visited to Japan last year. And over 1,000 couples went to either of Okinawa or Hokkaido for wedding ceremony or pre wedding. A lady from Hong Kong considering about Japanese pre wedding said “Japan has beautiful scenery and I’m very interested in wearing kimono”.
Click here to see NHK's original news
Well, this news reminded us that many couples love our country Japan and expect Japanese hospitality. We promise that we work hard for those couples and try our best for improvement of our service quality every day.
Thank you so much for your continuous support.

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Cherry blossom forecast 2017

[Date: 25/01/2017]

Hope it is helpful to fix your travel schedule
Estimated dates that cherry blossom starts to open are just announced.
These estimated dates and blossom condition will be changed by climate and other reasons so it must be more accurate when it is announced right before the season. But to make your travel schedule, it’s better to get information as soon as possible. According to 1st forecast, we don’t find much difference compared to last year. Tokyo, Fukuoka and Aichi prefecture will see cherry blossom earliest in Japan probably on 22nd or 23rd March.
In this sakura season, it’s very difficult to book hotel in anyway. There are many tourists from overseas who come to Japan to see sakura every year and all accommodations and flights are so packed with foreign tourists. It might be better to refer this information and try to fix your schedule. This is the one provided by Japan Meteorological Corporation on 18 January.
Sakura starts to open from Tokyo, Fukuoka and Aichi and spread over Japan
On the other hand, this is another forecast (as of 25th January) that we found on internet and many people watch. They are mentioning about the dates of full bloom as well. Estimated full bloom dates of Kyoto and Fukuoka that we already got many order are 6th April and 4th April. We believe that more and more customers are going to look for their shooting date in 2nd week of April because of this information.
Of course this is just estimation but you can refer it for your information. Many photography crews are getting more and more orders these month and some dates in this period are no longer available. We still can offer great deals for you. Please contact us if you are interested in shooting in this fantastic period.
Check it and choose the best one
Thanks to continuous support of Japanese local photography crews, we have been providing various kinds of shooting package. We are sure you will find a suitable package and be satisfied with their great shooting skills and hospitality. Please refer the following sample photos and photography list for your information. They all are popular with many Japanese couple too so they are getting busy with many orders of this season.
We have lots of choices for you


Kyoto Kojitsu * See package details
atelier Casha See package details
Be-brides See package details
Zerography Kyoto * See package details
En photography Kyoto See package details
St. Andrews Church * See package details
Hanamusubi See package details
Kyoto Bridal Photo works See package details
Studio ARC See package details
Kyokane See package details
*Most couples like


Saki Wedding * See package details
Photography FEEL * See package details
RES WEDDING See package details
p.16 Photography crew Coming soon
WEDDING CONCIERGE See package details
HOTEL GREGES See package details
*Most couples like


Photo studio Watanabe See package details
Zerography Nara * See package details
En photography Nara See package details
*Most couples like


En Photography Osaka * See package details
Zerography Osaka See package details
St. Bath church See package details
*Most couples like


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1st HK Wedding Fair of 2017

[Date: 23/01/2017]

Come and visit to our booth in the fair
The 1st wedding fair of 2017 will be held on 10-12th February 2017 at Wan Chai convention and exhibition centre. It must be great one with many exhibitors and visitors since it is last weekend before Valentines day.
This time we Ema Mino will work for you at booth of JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization), will provide pre wedding package and legal wedding service with Photography FEEL which comes and joins the fair from Fukuoka. Photography FEEL’s crews have much experiences to take photos at not only Fukuoka but also other prefectures in Kyushu and Yamaguchi prefecture, so they are able to serve you at locations that fits your shooting idea. They are popular with couples from many countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Interpreters speak English and Cantonese and accompany couples in whole shooting schedule. So you will never feel language barrier there.
The package that we highly recommend for all fair visitors is
[2 locations / 2 outfits / 300 soft copies HKD 16,880]
And you are getting the following privileges (both A & B) for free if you order our package in the fair.
[A. additional 1 more location and 100 photos for free OR HKD 1,000 discount]
[B. pair tickets of river boat tour in Yanagawa city]
We are sure that makes you happier and enjoy 3 scenes of different locations.
A couple came from Hong Kong this month wanted to take photos while they are enjoying fireworks, so we arrange good locations and shooting time schedule for their unique idea. 100 couples have 100 different ideas. We are pleased to help to make your idea come true.
Western wedding style and eastern one
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth!!

Fair information
Fair 86th HK Wedding Fair
Date 10th-12th February 2017 (Friday- Sunday)
Time 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Venue Wan Chai convention and exhibition centre
Our booth No. K15 – K19 (JNTO Japan National Tourism Organization)


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HKD 7,200!! for Pre wedding + Legal marriage registry

[Date: 20/01/2017]

1st promotion of 2017
We just now published “Pre wedding and Legal wedding registry package (HKD 7,200 for only one couple) as 1st promotional package in 2017. This package is promoted in very reasonable price with cooperation of Tachiarai cho (福岡県大刀洗町) that started to accept legal wedding registry in 2016.
The package is incredibly only HKD 7,200 and includes…
1 Tuxedo | 1 wedding dress | Photographer (250 soft copies) | Hair styling (Groom and bride) | Make up (bride) | Photo retouch (25 pcs) | Transportation fee | Interpreter (English or Cantonese) | Legal wedding registry | Translate for marriage certificate
The crew that serves you in Fukuoka is a new wedding producer team named “WEDDING CONCIERGE”. We Ema Mino and WEDDING CONCIERGE are in process now to start working with and soon to publish pre wedding package for shooting in Fukuoka. Their motto “Never say NO at couple’s requirement” and their hospitality must make you satisfied.
Check it out if you plan to fly to Fukuoka
In anyway, this promotion is for only one couple. We believe you will not feel any language barrier there since an English or Cantonese interpreter will accompany you for whole schedule.
A couple who is going to choose Fukuoka for pre wedding and legal wedding marriage registry or a couple who’s just planning to go to Fukuoka for sightseeing by 20th April, otherwise even a couple who accidentally saw this news… We are looking forward to contact from you.
Once again it is only one couple that we can serve with this price for. There is no 2nd prize.

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