Hanamusubi landed HK from Kyoto

[Date: 20/10/2016]

hanamusubi debut1
We Ema Mino has been working with more photography crews in Kyoto than any other prefecture so far. Today we just welcomed a new crews as 10th partner company in Kyoto and started to serve with them. “Hanamusubi” is know as a merchant and rental shop of Japanese traditional Kimono, has over 120 history since 1895 that they established. Hundreds of their top quality Kimono collections have been attracting many couples in Japanese traditional wedding ceremony scene.
They originally serve only for those who have wedding ceremony at shrine, but now we created outdoor pre wedding packages and all customers who only have photo shooting also can wear their authentic kimono on pre wedding. All photography crews that we work with only have high grade Kimono on their collection, but we can say with our real confidence that collection of Hanamusubi is one of the best of all crews.
stitching of Kimono
The stitch work finished carefully by craftsman is worthy to be called “A work of art” and it is exactly Japanese tradition. Gorgeous kimono with various colored stitch make you more beautiful and ensure great photo and memorial day.
The shop is a traditional Kyoto’s house and its appearance makes us feel their long history. Experienced photographers take shooting indoor and also at their garden too. Hope many couples enjoy shooting and their professional service as well. They will give you underwear and socks for Kimono as gift for the time you wear Kimono in Hong Kong. Enjoy shooting and feel “A work of Art” through their luxury Kimono.

traditional Japanese house in Kyoto


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Only 2 weeks left till Osaka promotion finishes.

[Date: 17/10/2016]

Osaka pre wedding promotion
Since the middle of September, we have been promoting a package provided by En photography Osaka, keep all services in original packages and discount the price to make it HKD 9,980. Osaka castle is the great location for shooting that offers sakura (cherry blossom) and momiji (maple leaf) landscape too, also one of the symbols of Kansai area, offer traditional landscape and historical scene for your pre wedding photos.
The salon of En Photography is located in Osaka city where is very convenient so it does not take long to move to shooting place. For those who just planned to go to Osaka now, or who don’t have so long time for shooting, it is a good offer for you. The packages are all included and you need to bring over nothing on the day of your shoot.
This promotion can be selected no matter which date you choose as your shooting date. If you decide and order us by the end of October, you can enjoy this package with this reasonable price even though you go for shooting during cherry blossom and maple leaf season. Of course you can order twice too for different period.
promotion will be finished soon
Once again.
This promotion will be finished 7:00 pm on 31st October. Only two weeks left.
Contact us now if you are interested, and get reasonable price and enjoy your special day at Osaka.

Name (Chinese)
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 Wedding Family Anniversary Studio
En Photography Osaka 【Pre wedding in Osaka】
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Japanese wedding briefings on 15th Oct

[Date: 10/10/2016]

Wedding briefings on 14th Oct
We are sorry for being late to announce information of Japanese wedding briefing event held on 15th October at Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel. This event will be held by JNTO “日本政府観光局”, consisting with 9 wedding producers, photographers, associations and prefectures or regions.
All exhibitors have speech time to promote their service so you will know what they can serve for you and judge if their service suits your idea and what you want. And also we sell packages with special price for those who join this event and have some privileges as well. Each company and region have different service. This is a good chance to listen them all for your information.

Exhibitors Contents Region
Ema Mino wedding producer / Photography Agency in Hong Kong
SAKI WEDDING wedding producer / Photography Fukuoka pre.
Anna Make up artist MUA from HK serving in Japan
Tottori Prefecture / Sight seeing / Wedding facilities Tottori pre.
Okinawa Prefecture / Resort wedding / Chapels Okinawa pre.
Kitakyushu City / Pre wedding / Wedding facilities Fukuoka pre.
Mojiko retro bridal Ass. Pre wedding / Wedding facilities Fukuoka pre.
And more…

Japanese wedding style
After all presentations, the lucky drawing also will be held. All gifts are prepared by companies and prefectures from Japan. You might get something nice.
We are supporting SAKI WEDDING too on their booth to sell reasonable packages. If you are interested in wedding ceremony or pre wedding in Fukuoka, please visit our booth.
But please be noticed that all visitor must be registered through official website of this event. Click the following URL to jump the website and registry in advance before you come.
Event info
Date 15th October 2016 (Saturday)
Time 2:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Venue Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel (Academy Room)
Address 70 Mody Road. Tsimshatsui East. Kowloon. Hong Kong
Website *Registry*

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

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Limited package HKD 9,980 for shooting at Osaka Castle

[Date: 13/09/2016]

Happy Mid-Autumn festival!!
We are very proud to announce that we Ema Mino just started a promotion package of shooting in Kimono at Osaka Castle provided by En photography. According to investigation of Japanese administrative, approximately 5 times of visitors to Kyoto had flied to Osaka from Hong Kong 2015. But unfortunately no much peoples and couples know that Osaka is also good location for photo shooting. Osaka castle park offers various landscapes in different seasons. Many people visit there to see Cherry blossom and maple leaves fin its season, but we seldom find couples taking pre wedding at Osaka castle park or around.
Our new partner En photography is the crew located in Osaka city, has been serving pre wedding at Osaka Castle for long time. Now we just started to provide their first promotion package for those who’s planning to have pre wedding with kimono at Osaka Castle. The promotion period is from now to end of October 2016, and promotion price will be offered to couples who can give us an order until 31st October and you can choose any of days up to the end of April 2017 as your shooting day.
Osaka pre wedding promotion
(*Weekend shooting fee: extra HKD 1,600)
The package includes everything you need such as outfits (1 pair of Japanese Kimono), English interpreter, Make-up, Hair-do for bride, courtesy car, 200 photo soft copies, accessories, facility fee and 10×14 inches 20 pages photo album. Total service time is around 4-5 hours (1-2 hours for shooting), so after you finish photo shooting you still have half day. Even if you have not considered pre wedding on your schedule so far, you can change your mind now.
1. I’m planning to Osaka soon with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
2. I like to wear Kimono or I want to try it.
3. I had been looking for suitable yet reasonable package for my pre wedding in Osaka.
If you apply the above subject, you might be better to contact us now.

Contact us

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 Wedding Family Anniversary Studio
En Photography Osaka 【Pre wedding in Osaka】
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Your smart choice will give you a good result.

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Booking report of pre wedding in sakura scene 2017

[Date: 06/09/2016]

Judging from our experience since 2013, the best day for cherry blossom in Kyoto is 2nd or 3rd April every year. This is a day we always recommend to customers when they ask about the best day. All we know it depends on weather, temperature and some other seasons and it cannot be guaranteed. Many of our customers that wanted to have photo shooting in the best of the best days of sakura in Kyoto, had chosen 1st to 4th of April as their shooting day so far. And as we have been mentioning the earliest starting time is most popular since you do not need to see many tourists while shooting.
But the situation of scheduling photo shooting in this period in 2017 seems a bit different from usual. In 2017, 1st of April is Saturday and 2nd is Sunday. So if you choose these 2 days some of photography teams charge you “extra fee of weekend shooting”. This situation makes our customer focus 3rd and 4th.
When we asked one of the most popular photography “Kyoto Kojitsu” about their availability of this period last week, they had not got any orders of shooting in sakura season. But now the situation is turning 180 degree different and we suggest you to schedule as soon as possible. The time they start to serve is basically 7:30, 8:30 and 10:00 in the morning. Check the following availability.
pre wedding in sakura scene

1 Apr (Sat) Extra fee HKD 2400 for weekend shooting
2 Apr (Sun) Extra fee HKD 2400 for weekend shooting
7:30 am 8:30 am 10:00 am
3 Apr (Mon) FULL FULL 2 crews left
4 Apr (Tue) 1 crew left 1 crew left 2 crews left
(As of 23rd Sep 2016)

Kyoto Kojitsu photography regularly swap their kimono collection, and more than 15 new kimonos are also in your choices. If you book through us Ema Mino, there is no price difference no matter which one you choose. That’s the privilege that you get from us. This is one of the reason why there are chosen by most couples. For you information here are some of their new collections. Of course you can choose wedding dress and tuxedo as well.
New kimono collections
There are more photography in Kyoto that we work with. We just wanted to inform you Kyoto Kojitsu is getting fully booking and other crews also get their schedule busy now. If you are planning to choose Kyoto as your shooting region in cherry blossom season, let us help you.

Photography crews list (Kyoto)

Kyoto Kojitsu * See package details
atelier Casha See package details
Be-brides See package details
Zerography Kyoto * See package details
En photography Kyoto See package details
St. Andrews Church Kyoto * See package details
J.P.A. West Japan See package details
Hanamusubi (coming soon) See package details
Studio ARC See package details
Kyokane See package details
*Most couples like

We had much experience that we faced customers who could not find suitable photography team, flights and accommodation due to time rush. Your quick decision must give you a better result.
We don’t lie, and sakura don’t wait.

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Penalty to non licensed photographers

[Date: 22/08/2016]

Tourists from Hong Kong and Taiwan, China appear in a famous place for the wedding such as chapel, hotel or some popular sight seeing spots in Okinawa with a wedding dress figure, and take snap photos without shooting permission in minutes and disappear in a moment.
We call this “guerrilla photo shooting” and this bad acts occur many troubles with other tourists, photographers, facilities and so on. One report said that a couple come to chapel with photographer (of course without permission) while other couple are having their wedding ceremony. This news was on the top on Yahoo Japan’s news content.
Yahoo news article
According to the reports from prefectures, the couples change clothes in public toilet, take photos without paying permission fee or entrance fee, stand up on the offertory box at the shrine, and incredibly come into private area without any permission. Those photographers uploaded and publish photos on internet media and SNS, so people who look those photos misunderstand and make same mistakes. One of the most popular shooting spots in Okinawa “American Village” has a policy that photographer need to pay 15,000 Yen for shooting at the facility, but over 70 of unauthorized shooting are found in a year.
Okinawa resort wedding association had held regular meeting last week to discuss about those photographers lacking manner, and adopted a “statement about the preventing of guerrilla photo shooting” such as 1.Making role manual, 2.distribute manual to foreign photographers, 3.Make lists of the shooting spots that require shooting permissions and so on.
They might stop you taking photos if your photographer do not follow public rules and policies. So the most important thing is to find a right photographer crew. If you obsess the price too much, you might choose wrong one and experience unforgettable happening in a negative way.

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ITE Hong Kong Expo

[Date: 13/06/2016]

ITE Hong Kong EXPO


ITE Hong Kong Expo will be held on 16-19th June this week.

ITE Hong Kong EXPO is consisting with over 600 exhibitors booths from 50 countries and regions from all over the world for everything that related with travel such as hotels & accommodations, flights, tour package, study abroad information, visa, transportation suppliers, government bodies and so on. First two days (16 and 17th) are B to B session and second two days (18 – 19th) are B to C session for general consumers.

And It’s a time to announce what we had prepare for around half year. We actually will start to work with the biggest travel agents in Japan H.I.S. from this ITE Hong Kong Expo. This company also starts to focus Hong Kong young couples to provide Japanese bridal/wedding packages for, and we Ema Mino support for its wedding section and create new packages that includes flights, accommodation and pre wedding or ceremony. Same as our own packages, H.I.S. also provides packages for Hokkaido, Nara, Kyoto, Fukuoka and and Okinawa. But we are mainly going to promote pre wedding packages for Nara and Kyoto prefecture in this expo.

[Date] (Trade days)16-17th June , (Public days)18-19th June
[Time] 10:00am-6:00pm on 16th-17th (trade only), 10:00am-7:00pm on 18th and 10:00am-5:00pm on 19th (Public)
[Venue] Hong Kong exhibition and convention centre

demonstration for ITE EXPO



There is a photo shooting space for you with KIMONO. Please visit our booth and try it on!
We are looking forward to welcoming you.



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