Okinawa Cherry blossom festival 2016

[Date: 02/02/2016]

Cherry Bloosom Festival Okinawa 2016
First place that we can see the sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan is YANBARU which is located in northern part of Okinawa Island. This Blossom Kanhi-zakura start to open the end of January and has have bell-like petals in various shades of pink. Basically sakura opening period moves from southern part of Japan to north, it means from Okinawa to Hokkaido. But in okinawa, direction is 180 degree different. It starts from north and goes to south. That’s curious yet mysterious. To turn in bloom, cherry blossom front come down from north to south slowly to chase lower temperature. There are lots of good sakura seeing locations on whole Okinawa Island and many festivals are held on the best period. so you will be able to enjoy different festival at each location. In Japan people would like to spend time under the tree while eating, drinking, chatting and so on. It’s not easy to keep the space especially on the best seeing period.
Here is festival information of each locations.
9th Nakijin sakura festival
23rd January (Saturday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Nakijin castle
38th Yaedake sakura festival
23rd January (Saturday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Yaedake Sakuranomori park
54th Nago sakura festival
30th January (Saturday) – 31st January (Sunday) 2016
Around Nago castle
Uruma city river sakura festival
13th February (Saturday) – 14th February (Sunday) 2016
Around nuri river
Naha Chura sakura festival
13th February (Saturday) – 14th February (Sunday) 2016
Lake man park central fountain plaza
10th Yaese sakura festival
22nd January (Friday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Yaese park
kumeno sakura festival
Beginning of March 2016
Motobu cho, Izaumi ku, car park
These years many foreign people also enjoy this Japanese traditional habit on their own way. So it’s also enough that you just walk through under the tree with full bloom, or of course you can copy the style Japanese people like much. It’s the best season to go to Okinawa now because of less rainy days and comfortable temperature. A lot of couples are going to Okinawa this season for wedding ceremony and pre wedding. Sakura landscape must provide unforgettable scene and make your wedding photo more brilliant and captivating. Our partner ST WEDDING is good at selecting great location for your pre wedding and they are going to join Hong Kong Valentine’s fair held on 12-14th February.
If you want to take pre wedding photo with beautiful cherry blossom scene, just visit us to take a look our packages.
Reference: Be.Okinawa
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We support ST WEDDING in HK Wedding Fair

[Date: 25/01/2016]

【DATE】12-14th February 2016
【VENUE】Wan Chai Exhibition Centre (Be. Okinawa booth)
【TIME】12:00 – 20:00
We are going to support ST WEDDING in the Hong Kong Valentine’s wedding fair held on 12-14th February (Friday to Sunday). We serve packages for legal wedding, pre wedding and ceremony at chapel in Okinawa together in this fair. They are chosen by many Japanese couples for their marriage day but also often join foreign wedding fair such as Hong Kong and Taiwan to try to welcome more and more couples from oversea. They only provide wedding dresses made in Japan and swap their collections regularly so you can have a look all choices at our booth too. We always have discussion to improve our packages for Hong Kong couples, and now we are proud to announce that we start to do photo retouch (photo edit) for all soft copies that you will receive and interpreters who speak English and Mandarin Chinese are ready to accompany you.
We prepare special privilege for those who paid HKD 500 deposit for either of 3 or 4 locations packages or wedding ceremony packages on this fair.
HKD 800 discount and additional album (8×10 inches 10 pages) !!
If you are planning to come to visit us, please send us e-mail or call us first to get our contact number. When you arrive at entrance just call us, we will go to entrance to give you free entrance pass card so you don’t need to queue for long.
TEL : +852-2366-4266 / Email:
We are looking forward too seeing you at our booth on this fair.
valentine's_A4_resized_for web
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We just start to use icon for package details

[Date: 19/01/2016]

It’s been around 2 years since we published website. We’ve gotten many contacts from customers through our website and noticed that our previous layout is not good enough for everybody to know our service details, price and so on. To prepare pre wedding and choose photography team, what all customers want to know are number of dresses / soft copies, album size and pages and so one. So we decided to show these details with icons to show it very simply and clearly. Each photography teams have different services and policies. So we hope these icons can be useful for you to get differences compared with other photography teams. But we are sorry, it will take a bit more time to complete on all pages.
japanese1 copies200 album10x15x26 makeup

retouching 50 pastor music certificate

hotel1night 1lunch speakenglish

>Hair styling is not always included in the packages. For the details, please ask us.
>Marriage certificate has no legal weight (It is not official one). But we provide “Legal Wedding” service as well. Please ask us if you are interested.
>Some packages provide you two or above photo albums and oil paint as well. But these are now showed by icon.
>Only KAFUU WEDDING packages gives you free accommodation as their special services.
>Menu of meals are selected by photography teams.
We are going to have more packages at more of new locations and try to make package lists for all photography to upload on our website. Hope more and more people visit our website and have interest in our services, and those icon and list can help for your choice. And for your choices of pre wedding photography, we understand everybody would like to have a look as much photos as possible. So we will show more photos that you don’t see on our website on the meeting. We are pleased to help for your unforgettable wedding and will do whatever we can do for your special day.
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【New Year Pre-wedding Campaign】

[Date: 04/01/2016]

Happy New Year Hong Kong !!
Thank you so much for your helping us and we appreciate everything you all done for Ema Mino. The prefecture that the most couples had chosen in 2015 is Kyoto, and Okinawa and Fukuoka is following as next popular locations. As you know that we are an agency of photography team, photographer and wedding company in Japan. We provide pre wedding packages and wedding ceremony packages in other prefectures too such as Hokkaido and Nara. And also pre wedding in Kumamoto would start to be provided shortly.
As the our appreciation for your continuous support, we just started to provide “New Year Campaign” for all our pre wedding packages. Now no matter which photography / packages you choose, you will get one more small glass cover album (8×10 inches 20 pages). We use other pictures from soft copies that you receive, so another album will be totally different one. The Campaign will be continued by 18th March 2016 especially those who interested in pre wedding in Sakura season (Cherry blossom).

8x10 inches 20 pages album

8×10 inches 20 pages album

For your information, 2nd-4th April is an only weekend in the best period for photo shooting in sakura landscape that we estimate. Those three days are getting fully booked even now middle of January. So if you are interested in shooting with sakura, let us show our great packages soon. It’s pretty difficult to book hotels in this season every year, that’s also one of reason why you are better to fix your schedule as soon as you can.
We are looking forward to your contact.
Make your special day brilliant in Japanese spring !!

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ST WEDDING joins Okinawa Resort Wedding Fair

[Date: 01/12/2015]

One of our most popular wedding crew ST WEDDING is going to join Okinawa Resort Wedding Fair on 6th December.

We had prepared pre wedding photo packages, Wedding ceremony package, Legal wedding services and so on for your special day. All dresses that’s included in packages are made in Japan. You can feel great quality and luxury and brilliant design. Nowadays Okinawa prefecture accepts over 700 couples from oversea every year for wedding ceremony, wedding banquet and pre wedding photo shooting. We are sure we have suitable packages for your requirements and looking forward to see you at our booth on this fair.
[DATE] 6th December 2015 (Sunday)
[TIME] 12:00 – 16:30 (Closed at 17:00)
[VENUE] Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Hotel (4/F)
[ADDRESS] 18 Hanoi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
This time our opening hour is not long and we guess that it’s a bit crowded in all our booth. So if you come and want to have enough time for discussion, please kindly contact us in advance and let us know the time you come. We will make our time for your coming.
Hope you can find a suitable one from our services.
See you on Sunday!! 
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Maple Leaf Report for Kyoto

[Date: 05/11/2015]

Only two months left to new year 2016, nowadays many information website report the best season of maple leaves for each prefecture in Japan. As you know Kyoto is the most popular place to visit to see maple leaves. We cannot find any words to express how fantastic vivid yellow, orange and red color leaves scene with traditional landscape is. Over 50 million people visit to Kyoto every year, and many of them visit there in April and November for cherry blossom and maple leaves. Especially Kiyomizu-dera in eastern area and Arashi-yama in western area are always crowded no matter which season. And if you want to try to ride the trolley train, have to book a couple of months before. But it deserve to visit definitely.

Trolley Train (Arashi-yama)

Trolley Train (Arashi-yama)

Most of the reports say the best period is from middle of November to beginning of December as usual.
Our customers and friends go to Kyoto in this period but it’s really difficult to book the hotels, so we suggest you to book as soon as you can if you fix your travel.
We have lots of shooting packages in this period too. But we suggest you to book early shooting time to avoid many tourists. If you are interested. Just hurry up to decide it.
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New dress collection from ST WEDDING

[Date: 19/10/2015]

ST WEDDING, they only provide dresses designed and produced in private ateliers in Japan. Their dresses have always attracted people so far with good quality and material. And we got their new three dresses as their collection.

【Brise (wind)】

【Brise (wind)】

【arc-en-ciel (rainbow)】

【arc-en-ciel (rainbow)】

【Allure (fascination)】

【Allure (fascination)】

Would you like to feel the esprit of eastern tradition? They are coming to join Hong Kong wedding expo on 6th to 8th November. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.
Capture your memorial moments with brilliant dress!!

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