Strict regulation against shooting at GION KYOTO

A strict regulation
Finally, what we didn’t want to be happened is happened now. It’s a sad new here.
In Kyoto which is one of the most popular spots for photo shooting, the manners of photographers and couples’ pranks are regarded as problems and it has been guessed that shooting at Gion (祇園), Arashiyama (嵐山), and other locations might be regulated by town association. And this time, we are reported by the association that they started to charge us photo shooting permission fee since 1st September 2018 against shooting at GION area. Permission fee differs depending on if the crew is member of the association.
Due to this regulation, it is extremely difficult for you to bring your own photographer from oversea. So if you are planning it, please pay attention carefully.
This regulation affects to whole Gion area such as Tatsumibashi (巽橋) and its around, and the violators need to pay penalty fee. Even engagement photographs and snap shots with your casual clothes are also subject to this regulation if the professional photographers serve shooting.
Some or our partner crew are already member of association, some are going to register soon and some will not be registered. So please ask us about the amount in advance after you select photographer.
Yes, this is a very sad news for everybody. But it’s still better than complete prohibition. We cannot say there’s no charge increasing or complete prohibition in close future, so it might be better to contact us as soon as possible if you are considering about photo shooting at Gion.
*We are so sorry to announce this affects to those who already made order and waiting for shooting.

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