Be the first couple to choose NICE! OKINAWA Photography

Nature of OkinawaEnjoying silence in the forestPre wedding with flowerBeautiful beach in Ishigaki IslandDramatic pre wedding photo shootingblue clear ocean

We just started to work in a collaboration with “NICE! OKINAWA” that has salon at Ishigaki Island and Nago city in Okinawa.
Be a first one to choose their package and experience their authentic hospitality with beautiful natural landscape in Okinawa!!

Ema Mino’s Review

NICE! Photography is the crew located in Tokyo, Tokushima and Okinawa, serve for outdoor shooting and also indoor studio shooting. As crew’s motto they focus “natural” most in their photo shooting. In the photos they take, you will see natural smiling face that you never feel nervous on and beautiful Okinawa’s natural landscape with great angle. We are proud of working with such amazing crew. For your pre wedding or engagement in Okinawa, this crew will never abuse your trust and expectation.

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