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Ema Mino’s review 【Hanamusubi Kyoto】

We are happy to announce that we just started to work with Hanamusubi photography.
They are going to be 10th photography crew in Kyoto that we introduce for foreign wedding market.
Their original stocking route and network provide only high-quality authentic Kimono for not only wedding ceremony but also outdoor pre wedding photo shooting. Much experienced photographers happily instruct you to make natural smile and nice posing. They give underwear and socks for Kimono as gift to all those who choose their packages for the time you wear Kimono in Hong Kong.
You will be able to choose their great shooting packages and Enjoy shooting with us and our authentic Kimono that should be called “A work of Art”.
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wedding photo shooting in traditional Japanese gardenwe are feeling how happy we areour initial S&Yunique wedding photo

We just started to work in a collaboration with “bittersweet” of Tsukiji Tokyo in July 2017.
Be a first one to choose their package and experience their authentic hospitality with high rank KIMONO in one of the biggest cities in the world in Tokyo!!

Ema Mino’s Review

They are one of the outfits rental shops which have most choice of outfits in Tokyo, serve for various of formal scenery and work with many hotels and facilities. bittersweet only provide high ranking KIMONO for our pre wedding packages and no extra fee will cost you no matter which outfits you select. In addition, all costs such as entrance fee, facility rent fee and transportation fee are included. We are proud of working with them as a new partner. bittersweet landed to Hong Kong from Tsukiji Tokyo in July 2017!!

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