Awamori dining Bar “URANIWA うら庭”

Awamori bar URANIWA Okinawa
One of the most famous entertainment in Okinawa is Japanese guitar “Sanshin 三線”. There are many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy Okinawa’s local dishes with AWAMORI 泡盛 while listening to Okinawa music played by Sanshin. Normally they have dance space in front of stage and people enjoy Okinawa dance “Kacha-shi” while rolling their hands in the air and shaking body to the rhythm.
“URANIWA うら庭” is Okinawa restaurant located in Onna-son, provide authentic dishes cooked by local ingredients such as Ishigaki beef, Okinawa pork, seafood and so on and many kinds on Awamori are on the menu such as Zanpa White 25°, Zanpa kusu 43°, Tatsu Kusu 25°, Chatan-Choro special kusu 43°, Manza kusu 40°, Zuisen yellow 30° and more. And also choice of wine, cocktail, Okinawa liqueurs are various. You will find nice one and it makes you enjoy Okinawa style bar more. Menu is written in Japanese and English!
Okinawa restaurant
Sanshin music live performs everyday except Thursday, some musicians play sanshin and sing from Okinawa folk songs to even latest pop songs. “Tahchi” is the popular musician who appears to play only on Saturday and many people come to URANIWA to enjoy his performance. He plays not only Sanshin but also acoustic guitar, tambourine and harmonica.
In addition there are 120 seats include outside terrace and they incredibly arrange wedding banquet too. Courtesy bus come to your accommodation if it’s around, so even if you are with many friends and families you can try this Sanshin live bar. Some similar restaurants in Naha city charge you entrance fee around 3,000 yen but if you come here you can drink more with that 3,000 yen. Get tipsy with great Awamori and enjoy Sanshin performance!

Awamori dining Bar "URANIWA うら庭"
Address 256 Fuchaku. Onna-son. Kunigami-gun. Okinawa
〒904-0413 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字冨着256
Opening hour 18:00 – 24:00 (L.O. 23:00)
Close Thursday
Good for Group party. Anniversary. party after wedding banquet. family dinner. Friend gathering
TEL 098-964-6601
This restaurant is nearby our partner Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel. We will try to recommend this restaurant to all our valuable customers who have ceremony/pre wedding or stay at Kafuu resort.
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Basic information of Okinawa

About Okinawa
Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan, located between Kyushu Island and Taiwan. The seas surrounding Okinawa’s Islands are recognized one of the most beautiful with coral reefs. Lots of tourist enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing at Okinawa these years. The subtropical climate with high temperatures barely fall to 15 degrees in winter season is one of the reason why Okinawa is popular destination in all seasons in a year. For wedding, coastland Chapels are chosen by hundreds young couples from Hong Kong for their wedding ceremony and pre wedding. Especially May, October and November are the highest season in a year, and couples normally start to arrange their schedule at least one year advance.
Weather of Okinawa
The average temperature: 23.1°C
The average annual rainfall: 2,040.8 mm
The highest temperature: 31.8°C (July)
The Lowest temperature: 14.6°C (January)
*Investigation: 1981 – 2010
Weather of Fukuoka
Rainy season of Okinawa
Rainy season in Okinawa prefecture starts on 8th – 15th May and end on 15th -23rd June.
It starts and ends earliest in Japan. All beaches are opened earlier than other prefecture in Japan and many family tourists travel to Okinawa for summer vacation during their home town is still in rainy season. But Okinawa is the place that typhoon hit most in Japan. According to investigation in last 10 years, around 2 typhoons make landfall in Okinawa in a month on August and September.
Rainy season of Fukuoka
Population of Okinawa
The population of Okinawa prefecture is around 1,431,000 as of June 2016.
Kayamajima Island and Aragusukujima Island (underlying) has only 2 residents on each Islands.
Geography of Okinawa
Okinawa is located middle if Kyushu and Taiwan, consisting by 160 Islands. Total area of Okinawa prefecture is around 2,271 km2
Area rank: 4th smallest of all prefectures in Japan.
Popular local food of Okinawa
Since U.S. Army has been staying in Okinawa Island for long, it has at least some effect on Okinawa food and dishes. There are lots of hamburger or hot dog restaurants in whole Okinawa Island. And “Taco rice” cooked with minced meat, onion and cheese is also one of the most famous Okinawa local food. It also effected by American taste.
On the other hand, “Bitter Melon Stir Fry with Tofu and Egg (Goya champuru)” and “Umibudou” are representative Okinawa local dishes. In addition, Okinawa prefecture is famous for Shochu / Awamori producing, These has variety of alcohol content such as 20% ~ 50%. All these foods and alcohol are only offered in Okinawa prefecture. You should try local food at least once when you visit Okinawa.

osaka local foods
In addition, Okinawa prefecture is famous for Shochu / Awamori producing, These has variety of alcohol content such as 20% ~ 50%. All these foods and alcohol are only offered in Okinawa prefecture. You should try local food at least once when you visit Okinawa.

osaka local foods
Transportation of Okinawa
●Okinawa monorail (Naha city) ●Bus

Unfortunately, Okinawa prefecture only has monorail in Naha city and bus to go away from city. There is no transportation such as train or subway. That is why there are lots of rental car shop and their price is quite reasonable. You can find travel packages including rental car that provided by travel agency. If you have international driving license, we highly recommend you to drive a car by yourself. It must make you go through your schedule smoothly.
Recommendation of sightseeing spots in Okinawa
Manzamo (万座毛), Churaumi Aquarium (美ら海水族館), Taketomi Island (竹富島)
Number of travelers from Hong Kong who stayed at Okinawa
(2014) 370,330 people
(2015) 562,450 people (+ 51%)
Major events and festivals of Okinawa
●Orion beer festival (at Koza sports park at the end of August)
●Whole Okinawa “Eisa~” festival
●Peaceful love Rock festival (at Okinawa city Koza park at early of July)
●Naha city “Tsunahiki” festival (at Kokusai dori and Rute 58 at early to middle of October)
and much more.
Celebrities from Okinawa
Namie Amuro, Da Pump, SPEED, Yui Arakaki, Yu Yamada, Ai Miyazato, Takefumi Yoshimoto, Ryoko Kuninaka, Meisa Kuroki, Yukie Nakama, Fumi Nikaido, GACKT, Kiroro, MAX
Professional sport teams of Okinawa
>FC Ryukyu
>Ryukyu Golden Kings
>Rykyu Boxing Gym
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