I’ve got a bronchial inflammation again..

Hi Everybody! How are you?
Since I started to live in Hong Kong I get sick every 2-3 months.
I just recovered sickness 3 weeks ago but I unfortunately got it again last week.
In my hometown Fukuoka, there is not much situations that many people are at small place on the same time like the MTR station in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong is one of the highest population density cities in the world and there are so many people no matter which area in the city. Someone transfer the cold to anybody around very easily and you get virus from them quite often.
When I get sick I usually start to feel pain in my throat first and get bronchial inflammation 2-3 days later. I always wonder if my friends also get sick such often. How about you??
I finally went to see a doctor today and he gave me some medicines. Hope I get well soon.

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