En-Nichi at PMQ

Japanese style festival 「En-Nichi 縁日」will be held on 31st July to 2nd August at PMQ. There are many shops that provide foods, drink, and so on. And we can see Japanese dance performance 「Bon-odori 盆踊り」 on the stage.

Last year many people (includes me) wore the 「Yukata 浴衣」 and spent our time in nice atmosphere. This year will be 2nd time to be hold, and they are going to organize it with Okinawa government. Many Okinawa tradition such as local foods shops, Ryukyu drum performance, Ryusen (dye crafts), will make you feel fantastic.
By the way I saw the brochure for this event and realized I’m on it. Many of my friends mentioned it when they saw me.
Venue: PMQ
Adress: No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Date: (1st July) 5pm – 10pm / (1st,2nd August) 2pm – 10pm

Hope I can make my time for this event and see you there.
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