Gokase Highland ski resort in Kyushu

Enjoy powder snow
The southernmost ski slope “Gokase Ski resort” in Miyazaki Kyushu
One of main reason why many foreign tourists come to Japan in winter season is to enjoy skiing and snowboard. Japan experienced to hold winter Olympic so far, snow quality of Japan especially Nagano and Niigata prefecture is known as one of the best in the world. In ski season, lots of ski tours are sold and slopes are crowded with people who enjoy skiing and snowboard.
As very cold wind brings much of snow to the coastal regions of Japan Sea in every winter, there are many ski resorts along Japan Sea. However Kyushu which is known as warm Island also has several ski resorts and those who seldom see snow in their daily life also can enjoy snow activities.
Ski resort in Miyasaki Kyushu
Gokase highland 100% natural snow ski slope which start their season 2017 on 16th December is located in Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki prefecture. It is the most popular ski resort in Kyushu Island and the southernmost resort in Japan. Because the ski slope at 1,600m altitude is made by 100% natural powder snow, it is quite safe and much enjoyable for beginners and seniors. Rental supplies and also ski instructions are substantial.

Lift pass

Adult Child Adult Child
One day 4000 Yen 2800 Yen 5000 Yen 3000 Yen
4 Hours 3400 Yen 2400 Yen 4200 Yen 2800 Yen
Ski Lift for once 250 Yen 200 Yen 250 Yen 200 Yen
Lesson by instructor
Half day One day
Basic lesson 3000 Yen 5000 Yen
Private lesson 15000 Yen 25000 Yen
Name Gokase Ski Resort
Address 9223. Sankasho. Gokasecho. Nishiusuki-gun. Miyazaki
Tel 0982-83-2141 / 0982-83-2144
Website Gokase ski resort
There are many reasonable accommodations around, resort is crowded with local people and foreign skiers too because it only takes around two and half hours from Fukuoka city. And also access to popular sightseeing spots such as Mt.Aso, Kumamoto city and Kurokawa hot spring is very convenient.
We are sorry this is not an article of Fukuoka. But we guess it is very helpful information for all tourist to Kyushu in winter season and hope you have time to enjoy snow activities and go around Kyushu!!
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Basic information of Fukuoka

About Fukuoka
The biggest prefecture in Kyushu “Fukuoka”, has 28 cities, 30 towns and 2 villages. Because of historical reason, Fukuoka prefecture is divided in 4 area “Kitakyushu(北九州)”, “Fukuoka(福岡)”, “Chikugo(筑後)” and “Chikuho(筑豊)”. These years, many tourists have come to Fukuoka. Ferry travel to Fukuoka from Pusan port in Korea and more and more flights touch down to Fukuoka from many cities of Asia, so numbers of visitors to Fukuoka is getting much more recently. Most of tourists enjoy local foods such as fresh sashimi, sushi, pork cutlet, ramen and motsu hotpot.
Weather of Fukuoka
The average temperature: 17.0°C
The average annual rainfall: 1,612.3mm
The highest temperature: 32.1°C (August)
The Lowest temperature: 3.5°C (January)
*Investigation: 1981 – 2010
Weather of Fukuoka
Rainy season of Fukuoka
Rainy season in Fukuoka starts on 2nd – 5th June and end on 20th – 25th July.
Rainy season of Fukuoka
Population of Fukuoka
The population of Fukuoka prefecture that has two government ordinance designated cities “Fukuoka city” and “Kitakyushu city” is around 5,088,000 as of June 2013.
Geography of Fukuoka
The area of Fukuoka prefecture is around 4,971 km2
Area rank: 29th of All 47 prefectures in Japan
Popular local food of Fukuoka
There are many old people who think Udon is the most famous local foods in Fukuoka, but nowadays lots of tourists have been coming to Fukuoka to have ramen, sushi and fresh seafood. Fukuoka prefecture faces the sea much fresh seafood landed from such as Genkai-nada sea and Tsushima area. There are many good restaurants provides fantastic dishes cooked with local seafood.
If you have enough time, we suggest you to try Mizutaki hotpot (水炊き鍋). It’s also one of very famous yet popular food in Fukuoka.
  Popular local food of Fukuoka
Transportation of Fukuoka
●West Japan Railway Company (= JR Nishi Nihon)
>Sanyo Shinkansen >Hakata Minami Line
●JR Kyushu
>Kyushu Shinkansen, >Kogoshima Main Line >Nippou Main Line >Kyudai Main Line >Sasaguri Line >Hitahikosan Line >Kashii Line >Gotoji Line >Chikushi Line
●Fukuoka sabway
>Airport Line >Hakozaki Line >Nanakuma Line
●Kitakyushu Monorail
●Nishi Nippon Railroad
>Tenjin-Ohmuta Line >Dazaifu Line >Kaizuka Line >Nishitesu-Amagi Line
●Amagi Railway
●Heisei Chikuho Railway
Recommendation of sightseeing spots in Fukuoka
Nokonoshima Island (能古島), River boat Yanagawa city (柳川川下り), Dazaifu shrine (大宰府天満宮), Kawachi Fuji Garden (河内藤園)
Number of travelers from Hong Kong who stayed at Fukuoka
(2014) 124,060 people
(2015) 253,880 people (+ 104%)
Major events and festivals of Fukuoka
●Hakata Dontaku Festival (at Tenjin Fukuoka on 3rd-4th May)
●Hakata Gion Yamakasa (at Kushida shrine on July)
●Wasshoi Million summer festival (at Kitakyushu on August)
●Ohori fireworks festival (at Fukuoka city on 1st August)
●Chikugogawa fireworks festival (at Kurume city on 5th August)
●Kanmon fireworks festival (Kitakyushu city on 13th August)
●Reggae festival “Sunset” (at Itoshima city on September)
and much more.
Celebrities from Fukuoka
Ken Takakura, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tamori, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Hitomi Kuroki, Ringo Shiina, YUI, Hiromi Go, Seiko Matsuda, Izumi Sakai (ZARD), Checkers, Tatsunori Hara, Youichi Masuzoe, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Takafumi Horie, Noriko Sakai, IKKO and so on.
Professional sport teams of Fukuoka
>Avispa Fukuoka(Fukuoka city) >Giravanz Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu city)
>Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
>Rizing Fukuoka (Fukuoka city)
>Coca-Cola Red Sperks (Fukuoka city) >Fukuoka Sanix Blues (Munakata city) >Kyuden Voltex
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