Happy Valley Horse Race

We held a birthday party for a friend of us at HK Jockey Club.
This is my second time to visit there, but first time to go-in through public entrance. Because I was invited to super VIP room last time and went in through different gate that’s for only invited guests. Not only horse race lovers but also beer lover and party people come there to enjoy. They only charge us HKD 10 as entrance fee, HKD 40 for 500ml of beer and HKD 148 for 2L. That was really good atmosphere.

There are around 8 races and you can bet until 5 mins before the race starts.
We are actually allowed to bring over our own foods and drink, so we saw many groups just enjoy to drink and eat with good atmosphere bot not for horse race. It is like a big festival. We had birthday cake, beer and Awamori that friend brought and had much fun anyway.
I’m sure I will be back there a coupe of months later.
But won’t bet the race any more.
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