Japanese Prepaid SIM Card

For your beter travel
Sony Network Communications sells prepaid SIM card “Prepaid LTE SIM” with vending machine that foreign tourists can connect to Japanese mobile internet communication service at some of Japanese major international airports.
Numbers of foreign visitors who had visited to Japan in 2016 reached to 24 million (*1), much more than numbers of 2015. There are more and more foreign tourists come to Japan these years, spreading the convenient internet service for short staying tourists is expected.
Since 2014, Sony Network Communications has installed vending machines at Kansai International Airport (Osaka), Sendai International Airport, Naha Airport (Okinawa), Shin-Chitose Airport (Hokkaido), Narita International Airport (Tokyo), Fukuoka International Airport and domestic airports to provide “Prepaid LTE SIM card” to foreign tourists just after they touch down Japan.
Once users buy SIM card and register on mobile, it’s ready to connect to internet with their mobile (*2). It must be helpful for searching sightseeing information at airport and moving to your hotel while seeing a map app. You will be able to spend comfortably in Japan.

Get SIM car at airport
(*1) Source: Reported by JNTO in January 2017
(*2) It is only available for SIM free devices and necessary to activate on website.
(*3) Availability period is started by your activation.
(*4) Internet speed depends on internet access condition.
enjoy your trip with prepaid SIM card

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