China’s Yuan climbing ranks and took over Japanese Yen

According to the report from The Wall Street Journal, Chinese Yuen is climbing up historical ranking among the top 20 global payment currencies and th...
Thank you

700 LIKE on facebook

  We’ve got 700 “Like” on our facebook page. Thank you all so much for your continuous support. We promise that we would contin...
currency exchange

Money exchange

Since Japanese YEN dropped so much lots of tourists go to Japan for shopping other purposes. I would like to show right here an exchange rate of one b...
Japanese twitter users

Japanese Twitter users

  September 3rd, Twitter Japan announced their new business strategy at their new office. And CEO Jack Dorsey also commented on video message tha...


I’m going to talk about 100% my hobby today. Hope you do not feel bored on this blog.   Since my previous landlord increased 50% of rent, I...
gold market

Gold Market Price

As some of you know that I used to work in jewelry industry for over 3 years since 2009. In that period gold market price went high so quickly and man...
Hong Kong event in PMQ

En-Nichi at PMQ

Japanese style festival 「En-Nichi 縁日」will be held on 31st July to 2nd August at PMQ. There are many shops that provide foods, drink, and so on. And we...
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