waterproof camera

Waterproof mini camera

For all activities, this small camera must be very useful. Probably you know the big brand of this kind of camera “G*pro”. But this China ...

My birthday

  It was my 3*th birthday on 14th January.   Thanks to my great friends, it will be one of the greatest birthday in my life.     M...
2015 new year

Happy New Year 2015

  Happy New Year Universe!! Wish you all the best.             Thanks for peeking through. Hope you enjoy our blog....

Hand made greeting card envelope

  One very famous website group showed interesting message card on their twitter.   Christmas, New year, valentine’s day and more̷...
wedding expo

Christmas Wedding Expo

HK Christmas wedding expo 2014 is held on 12-14th last weekend. We had joined as Bell For photography team in “Be.Okinawa” booth.   &...
event booth

Sign Board for HK wedding expo

  The organisation of our Okinawa Team just sent us our sign board for HK wedding expo held on 12-14th Dec.   We are going to attend this ex...
wedding ceremony

French groom and Chinese bride

I’d been attended friend’s wedding banquet last Friday in Shenzhen China. It’s my first experience to join wedding party in China. &...
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