okinawa seaturtle

Zamami Island Okinawa 沖縄県座間味島

A friend of mine who works at Okinawa has met see turtle in Zamami Island. There is one beach that you definitely can see the turtles especially one o...
aircon cleaning

Aircon cleaning

These months, aircon at my home have some problems and water comes out and leaks even I clean the filter quite often. Water goes even between wall and...
typhoon hit Okinawa

Typhoon hit Okinawa on 11th Oct

The strongest and biggest typhoon in 2014 of the world hit Okinawa 11th October.     We had a customer couple who take shooting at 4 locatio...
derek jeter

Good bye “Legend” Derek Jeter

14 times all star, plays as captain of New York Yankees for 11 consecutive years, World series MVP (2000), 5 times golden glove award… We will b...
beauty of Japan

This is what we call Beautiful. “YOKOSO Japan”

Let me share one short movie that you can realise how beautiful our country Japan is.     Watch this shot movie >>
chinese website

Chinese website

Recently we have been working on Chinese website. It is getting ready to be published day bay day. There are over 100 pages per each of English site a...
bad luck day

Nishikori lost the game and my laptop HDD is dead.

What a unlucky weekend!!   When I turned on my laptop at office on last week, it took much more time to start than usual. It seemed HDD has some ...
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