Running with Nike+

Do you guys sometime do some exercise? I actually don’t like running so much because there’s no opponent, no score and no resting. But if ...
Hong Kong's contry side

North East New Territories 新界東北

We would love to share a beautiful short movie that one of our customers gave us.     I think some people haven’t realized there is su...

Meeting with a new photography team from Nara

We would welcome “Photo Studio Watanabe 渡辺写真館” at our office tomorrow and have a last meeting before we publish their information on our w...
hk sevens

Hong Kong Sevens

One of the most popular sport even in Hong Kong “Hong Kong Sevens” was held on 28th to 30th March.     Our Japanese national tea...

I’ve got a bronchial inflammation again..

Hi Everybody! How are you?   Since I started to live in Hong Kong I get sick every 2-3 months. I just recovered sickness 3 weeks ago but I unfort...
pray for tohoku

It’s been three years since a big earthquake hit Japan.

On 11th Mach 2011, a huge earthquake hit Tohoku area in Japan, almost 16 thousands people passed away and 2,633 people are still missing even after 3 ...
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