On the way back to your country from Japan

Quarantine inspection at the airport in Japan

There are many tourists travel to Japan and bring a lot of foods and fruits back to their countries. Do you know the quarantine inspection may be nece...
One of the biggest festival in Japan "Snow festival"

Sapporo Snow Festival 2017

The 68th Sapporo snow Festival 2017 started yesterday (6th February) and will be held until 12th February Sunday. This is the largest and best-known s...
Wear mask and make your body warm enough

Flu is prevalent in Japan

Flu is one of the most horrific infectious disease, spreads throughout Japan every winter. After new year Flu is getting more and more prevalent in va...
Snowboard or skiing

Gokase Highland ski resort in Kyushu

The southernmost ski slope “Gokase Ski resort” in Miyazaki Kyushu   One of main reason why many foreign tourists come to Japan in winter season i...
Enjoy Fukuoka local craft beer

Craft Beer BREWERY in Hotel Okura Fukuoka

Hotel Okura Fukuoka is the rare hotel that has beer brewery at its basement, located in very convenient place Hakata ward Fukuoka city. Workers have b...
Make your original welcome board

Welcome board for wedding ceremony

One of the biggest events in our entire life “Wedding ceremony”. There must be many couples want to have a different ceremony from others,...
It's time to go Japan

Isn’t it time to trip to Japan?

On 8th November, Donald Trump whose harsh words were criticized won over Hillary Clinton who’s wife of former president “Bill Clinton̶...
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