Please share this for the relief of Kumamoto

    It’s been an week after the strong earthquake shoot Kumamoto and other area in Kyushu. Around 50 people lost their lives due to th...

We got the most LIKE on Instagram

Good afternoon everybody.   Since the beginning of 2015, we have been uploading at least one photo of pre wedding, ceremony or any other kinds, a...
Pre wedding in sakura scene

Pre wedding in Sakura scene on 1st April

  Good day everyone.   Today we are going to introduce a couple who had good weather luck on the day of their pre wedding. Their pre wedding...
M & M Company

Pre wedding in snow scene

You may be feeling it is too soon to talk about next winter season.   However since February we have been getting order of pre wedding and ceremo...

Characteristic of cities | Kyoto, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Nara and Okinawa

We sometimes face customers who had never been to Japan and have no idea where is the best location for pre wedding or sightseeing. Today we just uplo...

Rules of formal KIMONO

“KIMONO (着物,和服)”     It’s a Japanese traditional wear which has very long history. We Japanese wear KIMONO when we attend ...
Pre wedding in sakura scene

Sakura information of Fukuoka 2016

Happy April fools day! How are you doing everyone before 3 days off?     These days we check weather forecast quite often because we mind sa...
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