Quarantine inspection at the airport in Japan

Pay attention on quarantine for bring out fruits from Japan
There are many tourists travel to Japan and bring a lot of foods and fruits back to their countries. Do you know the quarantine inspection may be necessary when you take those groceries from Japan?
Each countries established each policy and rules, and you have to follow and obey it when you get groceries into the country. The quarantine inspection determines whether it is not against a rule of your country or region first. And if they find nothing illegal they would issue permission and certificate to bring out from Japan. Afterwards, you have to pass through another quarantine inspection when you arrive at your country to make sure what you bring in is correctly written on the list of permission and sometimes you need to be checked again. The correspondence about fruits and plants that you are allowed to carry-on is varies every each country and region. For example, a carry-on of most of fruits is prohibited except a few in Taiwan, quarantine dogs work for checking sometimes.
In addition, in some countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, you are allowed to bring back Japanese orange only when you have a proof of producing region, result of local quarantine and so on. On the other hand, immigration departments of Singapore and Malaysia don’t establish such strict rules, allow you to bring in most of fruits without Japanese inspection.
This time we searched the rules of Hong Kong immigration, and found there is no rule and policy about this part. So you do not even need to be in Japanese quarantine. But in case you are asked about your belongings by immigration staff, you should answer to their questions politely because you do nothing wrong.
Know these rules as your knowledge, and enjoy your shopping more!!
Enjoy your shopping in Japan

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