Record breaking cold weather hits in East Asia

How are you doing everybody? We guess lots of people just staying at home and never go out due to this freaking low temperature. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for almost 7 years and I’m sure these two days are the coldest days I’ve ever spent in Hong Kong. According to weather forecast, Today’s lowest temperature is 3 degree and just go up to 7 degree in day time. Not only Hong Kong, but also many countries in east Asia are in same weather condition. It snowed at one of famous Island in Okinawa “Amami oshima” after an interval of 115 years because of this low temperature and low humidity. All young kids must be happy to play with snow but on the other hand this heavy snow causes many traffic accidents. For all drivers, please pay much attention while you drive.
Those are photos taken in Fukuoka Kyushu today.

By the way we are a race who want what we don’t have. For those who people live at countries they cannot see snow falling at, this snow scene and landscape makes them feel something special. A couple of our customers went to Hokkaido and take pre wedding photo shooting today with western dress and tuxedo. Before they left they said that they don’t really care of temperature if our crew serve beautiful photo and photo album finally. So we did everything we can do for this couple and photography team also prepare many things to protect couple from the cold weather.
All photography teams in Hokkaido got used to this weather and know how to solve this weather problem. Snow falling scene offers special and fantastic atmosphere and make your pre wedding day so special. If you have confidence that you can stand the cold, why wouldn’t you choose snow scene for your pre wedding?
Anyway, we hope all people enjoy this rare weather and don’t catch a cold and have a good start of the week tomorrow.
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