Running with Nike+

Do you guys sometime do some exercise?
I actually don’t like running so much because there’s no opponent, no score and no resting. But if we don’t do any exercises and eat/drink whatever we want, our bodies are going to be more terrible than anything. So I try to go for running when I have nothing to do after work and am in “really” good mood for it.
Every time I do, I run through exactly same way. It’s more than 11km distance.
(Sheung Wan – Caine Rd – Kennedy Rd – Queen’s Rd E – 1 rap around Happy Valley sports ground – Causeway Bay – Gloucester Rd – Wan Chai – Admiralty – Central – Sheung Wan)
Running in the city
As the screen show us I’d done 665km since I started to use Nike+. Every time I finish running and taking shower, I feel extremely refreshed and comfortable that I can’t express with any words. it’s like bad things in my body are gone away with sweat while running. Everybody has each style of running, but I’m sure it’s pretty much better to run with hot temperature and high humidity to sweat more. If you always run only winter, you can just try.
I also will try my best to run more often for keeping my health condition good.
By the way… I found that my previous run was last November…
Nike+ don’t lie.

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