School uniform

back to your school days
Today we got contact and question from couple who gave us order for shooting at Oita in coming April.
This couple was going to wear both Japanese KIMONO, western outfits and also their own casual wear for shooting. But they are changing their mind now and want to wear school uniform instead of casual wear. Many couples bring over unique items for shooting such as chalkboard, dolls and so on. Of course you can prepare special attires too that you want to wear for your pre wedding.
We had served a family (parents and son) in Okinawa before. All they wore school Japanese uniform and we took photos at a high school. On the other hand, there was a couple wore cartoon costumes in Kyoto.
Some of photography crews have school as location choice. And also, there are somewhere else good for shooting with school uniform. Please ask us if you are interested.
We are photographer and wedding producer, and yet great memory provider.
“Make your ideals reality”
This is what we do on our duty.
We hope that this couple enjoy their photo shooting while remembering school days by wearing uniforms.

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