cherry blossom in Kyoto

Booking report of pre wedding in sakura scene 2017

Judging from our experience since 2013, the best day for cherry blossom in Kyoto is 2nd or 3rd April every year. This is a day we always recommend to ...
Kyoto accommodation

“INN 5 Days” accommodation in Kyoto

Every time we go trip for days, it is necessary to book accommodation to stay. Hotel, hostel, inn, bungalow, cottage,,, There are some different kinds...
Kyoto souvenir shop

Japanese sundry goods shops in Kyoto

Kyoto is known as the city we can feel traditional scenery most in Japan. There are historical temples, shrines, Japanese gardens and old mansions. Pe...
Kyoto Kojitsu salon

Visiting to Kyoto for business trip

I visited to Osaka and Kyoto to see photographer crews including new crews that we have not worked with before. It is in the middle of rainy season in...

Characteristic of cities | Kyoto, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Nara and Okinawa

We sometimes face customers who had never been to Japan and have no idea where is the best location for pre wedding or sightseeing. Today we just uplo...
Kyoto Philosopher's path maple leaf landscape

Philosopher’s path in Kyoto

Sometimes foreign people know about sightseeing place more than local people. Today we got a new order of engagement photo shooting in Kyoto. Mostly t...
album making for your pre wedding

[Pre-Wedding in Kyoto on 6th April 2015]

  Thank you so much for choosing us. ありがとうございました。   We are so glad to be a part of your special day!!   (Comment from customer) Both Em...
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