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Fukuoka Fish Market

Nagahama Fish Market [Fukuoka]

  The biggest fish market in Fukuoka “Nagahama Fish Market” will hold a event, would sell fresh seafood to citizen at shops that only...
facebook new icons

New reaction of Facebook【React for our article of pre wedding info!】

【React for our article of pre wedding info!】 Facebook user only had been able to press “LIKE” on each photo and article so far. From today...
Vegetable bouquet

Vegetable Bouquet

Wedding, that would become one of the most unforgettable moments of our entire life. And wedding dress, accessories, make-up and hair style make bride...
Japanese twitter users

Japanese Twitter users

  September 3rd, Twitter Japan announced their new business strategy at their new office. And CEO Jack Dorsey also commented on video message tha...


I’m going to talk about 100% my hobby today. Hope you do not feel bored on this blog.   Since my previous landlord increased 50% of rent, I...
my house

My new Flat

My moving day is coming on next weekend and I went to my new flat with friend last night to measure detailed room size. And here is rough sketching. T...

Moving flat

  It’s been six years since I started to live in Hong Kong and haven’t change my flat even once so far.     26 July is our ...
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