Design photo album

Album making 【Pre wedding, Anniversary】

All our prewedding packages include Glass Cover photo album. After customers choose photos for the album, then we go ahead to make album layout and or...
Pre wedding in maple leaf season

Maple leaf in Hokkaido 【Momiji】

We are excited to show latest pre wedding photo with maple leaf landscape in Hokkaido. If we write maple leaf in Chinese, “紅葉 (Red Leaf)” ...
album making for your pre wedding

[Pre-Wedding in Kyoto on 6th April 2015]

  Thank you so much for choosing us. ありがとうございました。   We are so glad to be a part of your special day!!   (Comment from customer) Both Em...
Pre-Wedding in Kyoto

[Pre-Wedding in Kyoto on 8th April 2015]

  Thank you so much for choosing us. ありがとうございました。   (Comment from customer) We are lucky to choose Ema Mino for arranging our first time kim...
album layout

Photo Selection

  We just selected photos for album layouts for the first customer of Cherry blossom season in 2015. They choose “Arashiyama 嵐山” and ...

Congrats friend !!

On 6th March my friend went to Okinawa for pre-wedding shooting.   We arrange their shooting schedule with “Bell For” photography and...
mini camera

My new toy “SJ CAM”

How fast camera technology improve.   Look at this small camera. It’s possible to use even for scuba diving if you use it with waterproof c...
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