Nagano prefecture

“Kita shiga Kogen” Day trip to Summer resort from Tokyo

  July is about to end in one week, and the hottest month in Japan August is coming. We are going to update some information of summer resort tha...

Japanese Four Season Characteristic 【Pre-wedding】

Today, we are going to put the following article on the blog that shows you flower information for those who will trip to Japan and search the best se...
Hong Kong event in PMQ

En-Nichi at PMQ

Japanese style festival 「En-Nichi 縁日」will be held on 31st July to 2nd August at PMQ. There are many shops that provide foods, drink, and so on. And we...
summer is coming

Summer season has come!!

    I went to Wan Chai tax department to get the cheque this morning. This is a snap shoot from the bridge between MTR station and Hong Kong...
okinawa seaturtle

Zamami Island Okinawa 沖縄県座間味島

A friend of mine who works at Okinawa has met see turtle in Zamami Island. There is one beach that you definitely can see the turtles especially one o...
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