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Last promotion in this year

Christmas promotion HKD 1,000 discount

Merry Christmas universe!!   Only three weeks left to new year, it’s getting colder in Hong Kong, our town is illuminated for X’mas. We Ema Mino ...

Kobe Luminarie 2016

No doubt everybody still remember “Hanshin Awaji earthquake 阪神淡路大震災”. It is a horrible disaster that hit Kansai area on 17th January 1995....
cherry blossom in Kyoto

Booking report of pre wedding in sakura scene 2017

Judging from our experience since 2013, the best day for cherry blossom in Kyoto is 2nd or 3rd April every year. This is a day we always recommend to ...

The evidence that people like our photo album

The photo that collected most like on our Instagram is updated again. We basically upload pre wedding photos, engagement photos or other kinds that ou...
Instagram mobile

The most liked photo on our Instagram is updated

  We have been updating a new photo to Instagram almost every day since the beginning of 2016. The photo that the most people have pressed “...
We like Ema Mino

Thank you so much for all followers.

Huge thanks to all of your supports! Since we establish the company Ema Mino in June 2014, we have been updating new and blog on our website, facebook...

Please share this for the relief of Kumamoto

    It’s been an week after the strong earthquake shoot Kumamoto and other area in Kyushu. Around 50 people lost their lives due to th...
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