21 companies had joined to fair from Japan

NHK international news relates HK wedding fair

  (NHK internet news)   A big wedding fair was held in Hong Kong where’s a big market of Japanese wedding ceremony or pre wedding. Many comp...
It's time to go Japan

Isn’t it time to trip to Japan?

On 8th November, Donald Trump whose harsh words were criticized won over Hillary Clinton who’s wife of former president “Bill Clinton̶...
Yufuin information

Yufuin, a town of hot spring

Freaking hot summer is gone now and hot spring season winter is coming silently in Japan. There is four seasons with totally different climates in Jap...
photo shooting in the world

What a couple !!

  We found an article on a website talking about a couple travelling around world for pre wedding shooting. “Backpack Wedding” We gue...
travel to japan

Japan got two “1st prize” on Questionnaire survey of Pre wedding

A famous travel booking internet website “Zuji” conducted market research about pre wedding in Hong Kong. According to this result, around...
winter weather

Record breaking cold weather hits in East Asia

  How are you doing everybody? We guess lots of people just staying at home and never go out due to this freaking low temperature. I’ve bee...

China’s Yuan climbing ranks and took over Japanese Yen

According to the report from The Wall Street Journal, Chinese Yuen is climbing up historical ranking among the top 20 global payment currencies and th...
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