Take photos in Japanese green scenery

Take photos with Japanese green ladscape
Long summer vacation will start soon. We guess many families are planning and preparing to visit to Japan. In fact the numbers of visitors to Japan in July is the most in a year because of long vacation. Our customers also have travel plans to Japan and move to many regions with bus and trains. In this season, there are many recreations such as sea bathing, camping, marine sports and so on and Japan is very popular destination because of its rich nature.
By the way we would like to share some photos taken in the summer season with beautiful green color landscape. They say the fresh green of the plants in summer season is one of the most beautiful scenery in Japan like maple leaf in autumn. Many trees change its leaves color to yellow in autumn and drop them to ground in winter. So you only can see this fresh green called “深緑” in summer season.
Would you like to take photos with this fresh green landscape for memory of travel? Many flowers blooms in summer too like Sunflower, and we will suggest great locations for flower scene if you are looking for. In my opinion, summer is the best season that offers the vivid colored scenery with great color contrast. Japanese “Summer’s Fresh Green and flower colors” are absolutely beautiful. It might be more attractive than light pink of sakura, red of maple leaf and white of snow.
Japanese vacation is also starting so photographers might get fully booked soon no matter which day. If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible.
Enjoy seasonable green color

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