Thank you for all our 1,000 supporters of facebook!

appreciate all your support
Since Ema Mino is established in 2014, we have been supported by so many people. Couples and families who chose our packages, Japanese photography crew and wedding planner who treated our customers carefully, partners in Hong Kong, friends and families who spread our name and packages… We are grown up with much of supporters. And today we got 1,000th fans on facebook.
There are fans who pressed “LIKE” on our facebook page all over the world, not only Asian regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines but also North America and Europe.
We have made articles and posted many things related to wedding and also information for tourists going to Japan. And now we realized those posting is helpful for more and more people and will keep on provide more information and news for all Japan lovers. In addition, packages of “Hong Kong’s pre wedding for Japanese couples” and “combo package of Japanese pre wedding and Hong Kong’s big day video” are offered now so you will see videos and short movies too on our facebook page from now.
This year we started to offer pre wedding of Tokyo and Karuizawa (軽井澤) and plan to prepare more package for other regions. We will keep on trying our best to be worthier company.
Thank you so much again for being fan of our facebook page and your further support!
visit our page and get information
we keep on provide good services

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