Isn’t it time to trip to Japan?

Let's go to Japan
On 8th November, Donald Trump whose harsh words were criticized won over Hillary Clinton who’s wife of former president “Bill Clinton” in the U.S president election. This result was contrary to expectations of most of citizens.
At the beginning of election, US dollar has risen to middle of 105 YEN range marked on 28th October. But when we heard Trump was about to win and got advantage in Florida US dollar started to be sold and when we heard Trump’s advantage in another competitive state Ohio it has fell to 101 YEN range for a few hours.
Many people had expected this reaction and there was no big confusion so far. But on next day 9th November US dollar rebounded, had constantly risen though 105 YEN for days, and now staying approximately 109 YEN. In addition, Hong Kong dollar is connected with US dollar, had risen in a range from around 13.28 YEN to 13.98 YEN (1 JPY = HKD 0.07154).
Japanese YEN falling against USD and HKD
This is actually kind of big movement of the exchange rates which seldom happen only in a few days. But willingly YEN dropped against Hong Kong dollar, so we Ema Mino just decide to offer HKD 1,000 discount for those who give us order by the end of November and press like on our facebook page no matter which photography/bridal crew you choose, which date we serve you in Japan.
For maple leaf season that’s about to come very soon, snow landscape in Hokkaido, otherwise cherry blossom scene of next March and April? For pre wedding, wedding ceremony, banquet, or photo shooting with your family? Any time anywhere!
We do not guarantee that we continuously offer this promotion after November. So if you are considering about our service, contact us now.
Again, YEN fell lots. We believe it’s time to fly to Japan.

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