Meeting with a new photography team from Nara

We would welcome “Photo Studio Watanabe 渡辺写真館” at our office tomorrow and have a last meeting before we publish their information on our website. They are the first photography team from Nara prefecture and they have great shooting skills as well. Nara is sure to offer you wonderful and memorable scenes for your photos. They provide you memorial shooting with fantastic landscape that you are not able to see any other places in Japan.
Let me show you some of their interesting pictures here.

They have long history and experienced staffs. We already started to discuss about shooting packages that serve at many historical yet traditional scene in Nara prefecture. We had asked about packages in Nara for shooting with wild deer. An now exciting to start to serve it very very soon. We can’t wait for the meeting and publishing their packages on our website.
You would be able to see them tomorrow night probably.
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