Tsuruhashi area in Osaka

Korean town
There is a hot and vibrant area named Tsuruhashi in Osaka. Tsuruhashi area is known as one of the biggest Korean town and international market place in Japan. Small shopping towns and markets exists and crowed with those who look for unique foods and ingredients.
“Osaka Tsuruhashi market” is consisting of more than 800 shops and stores under a huge arcade, full of nice BBQ smell that makes you feel hungry. There are uncountable Korean BBQ restaurants, grocery shops and Korean traditional costume boutiques in this area, and it’s very popular by not only Osaka’s local people but also travelers. Furthermore when I advance to the alley like the maze, you will see many unique shops selling fresh fishes, dried foods, Kimuchi, fruits, daily necessities and so on.
When I was in university I visited an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Tsuruhashi named “OMINI”. Omoni is a Korean word meaning mother. This restaurant is managed by Korean family, provide authentic Osaka style Okonomiyaki. Due to non acceptation of reservations, it’s better that you go to restaurant as early as you can especially for dinner time.
For your choices, I’m showing information of OMINI and two Korean BBQ restaurants that I recommend you to try.
Osaka Okonomiyaki OMONI

Categories Okonomiyaki. Chow Mein Noodle. Side-menu
Address 3-3-2 Momodani. Ikuno-ku Osaka-shi. Osaka
TEL 06-6717-0094 (Reservations not accepted)
Opening hour 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Close Monday
Budget L: 1000 – 2000 Yen | D: 1000 – 2000 Yen
Payment Cash only
Sora 空
Yakiniku Sora
Categories BBQ offel. BBQ beef
Address 1-10 Shimoajiharacho. Tennoji-ku. Osaka-shi. Osaka
TEL 06-6773-1300 (+81-6-6773-1300) (Reservations accepted)
Opening hour (Mon-Fri) 05:00 pm – 11:00 pm | (Sat.Sun & P.H) 04:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Close Tuesday (Opens if it's P.H and close on Wed)
Budget L: 2000 – 3000 Yen | D: 3000 – 4000 Yen
Payment Cash only
Tsuruichi 鶴一
Osaka Tsuruhashi
Categories BBQ offel. BBQ beef
Address 2-13 Shimoajiharacho. Tennoji-ku. Osaka-shi. Osaka
TEL 06-6771-0806 (+81-6-6771-0806) (Reservations accepted)
Opening hour 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Close New year only
Budget L: 2000 – 3000 Yen | D: 5000 – 6000 Yen
Payment Cash. Credit card (VISA、JCB、AMEX)
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Basic information of Osaka

About Osaka
The city of Osaka was promoted to a city designated by government ordinance and thereby divided into 24 small wards on 1st September in 1956. In 2000, Fusae Ota became Japan’s first female governor. Sakai city was promoted to a city designated by government ordinance and thereby divided into 7 wards on 1st April in 2006.
Weather of Osaka
The average temperature: 16.9°C
The average annual rainfall: 1,279.0mm
The highest temperature: 33.4°C (August)
The Lowest temperature: 2.8°C (January)
*Investigation: 1981 – 2010
Weather of Fukuoka
Rainy season of Osaka
Rainy season in Osaka starts on 3rd – 7th June and end on 18th -24th July.
Rainy season of Fukuoka
Population of Osaka
The population of Osaka is around 8,838,000 as of June 2016. The population concentrate in Osaka city, accounts 30% of population of the whole Osaka prefecture.
Geography of Osaka
The area of Osaka prefecture is around 1,899 km2
Area rank: 2nd smallest of all 47 prefectures in Japan
Meaning that Osaka is the prefecture which has very high population density.
Popular local food of Osaka
Normally, we imagine “Okonomiyaki (お好み焼)” first as the most famous food in Osaka. Hiroshima styled Okonomiyaki piles up all ingredients on the plate. On the other hand, we mix all ingredients first before cooking in Osaka style. These two different style Okinomiyaki dividing popularity often be covered by TV program. In addition, udon is still very popular in Osaka. Soup color is much darker in comparison with Tokyo’s one.
  osaka local foods
Transportation of Osaka
●JR West ●JR Central ●Osaka Municipal Subway ●Keihan Electric Railway ●Kintetsu Line ●Hankyu Line ●Nose Electric Railway ●Hanshin Electric Railway ●Nankai Electric Railway ●Semboku Rapid Railway ●Mizuma Rail way ●Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway

(Osaka station to Kyoto station)
JR Kyoto Line (Shin-kaisoku / 29 mins / 560 Yen)
(Osaka station to Sannomiya station)
JR Kobe Line (Shin-kaisoku / 27 mins / 410 Yen)
(Osaka station to Nara station)
JR Yamatoji Line (Kaisoku / 50 mins / 800 Yen) as on June 2016
Recommendation of sightseeing spots in Osaka
Universal Studio Japan, Osaka castle, Dotonbori (道頓堀), PL fireworks festival
Number of travelers from Hong Kong who stayed at Osaka
(2014) 660,930 people
(2015) 962,430 people (+ 45%)
Major events and festivals of Osaka
●Tenjin matsuri festival (around Osaka Tenmangu on 24th – 25th July)
●PL fireworks festival (at Tondabayashi city on 1st August)
●Osaka castle festival (at Osaka castle during 1st July to 30th November)
●Osaka Ebesu festival (at Imamiya shrine on 9th – 11th January)
●Kishiwada Danjiri festival (at Kishiwada city on the middle of September and the beginning of October)
and much more.
Celebrities from Osaka
Akiko Wada, Junichi Okada, Aiko, Takashi Fujii, Etsushi Toyokawa, Ken Hirai, Chisato Moritaka, Shigeru Mizuki, Ainosuke Kataoka, Takajin Yashiki, Nanase Aikawa, Ai Otsuka, UA, Noriyuki Makihara, Hidekazu Akai, Kenji Tamura and so on.
Professional sport teams of Osaka
>Gamba Osaka >Cerezo Osaka
>Orix Buffaloes
>Osaka Evessa
>Osaka Blazers Sakai >Suntory Sunbirds >Panasonic Panthers
>Kintesu Liners
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