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Over 1.8 million people had traveled to Japan in 2016
It’s been just 3 days since we finished to join to Hong Kong Wedding Fair. What we answered at reporter for interview on the fair and after fair is on article of Hong Kong Economic Times (経済日報).
Honestly speaking, there are some wrong information on it but it’s obvious that more and more couples have interest in Japan as destination that they have ceremony or pre wedding at. And we also recognize our customers start to look for somewhere special such as Fukuoka instead of popular regions like Okinawa. There were some couples who were looking for packages of Tokyo, Kanazawa, Izu and Karuizawa.
According to this article, a staff of Island Shangri-la hotel said the numbers of those who want to have wedding ceremony in oversea is getting much more than before, and those couples arrange like cocktail party in Hong Kong after they come back from oversea. This year is known as good year for marriage and called “雙春 (meaning there are two starting day of Spring) ”, so many couple think about their marriage in this year.
Especially in this fair, marriage in Japanese cultural yet traditional way such as ceremony at shrine was popular with some couples. We are pretty glad to know they start to like Japanese authentic marriage and also proud of being supporting these couples.
By the way we will be introduced by a Metro Radio (Channel: 宇宙狂熱) within a couple of days. So we expect to have more opportunity to support Hong Kong couples. We want you to let us Japanese help for your Japanese wedding and feel authentic one. We are planning to join to fair and expo as exhibitor regularly and will provide promotional package and prices as well. Look forward to our service and hospitality. Thank you very much for your continuous support.
And thanks to the staffs of Hong Kong Economic Times who related with this article.
Japan is getting more popular as memorial spot for foreign couple's marriage

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