Free for extra 1 Kimono (HKD 2,000 → HKD 0)

let's wear kimono in Kyoto
We are happy to announce here is a campaign for all brides planning to choose Kyoto Kojitsu photography  and have shooting at Kyoto in June “Free for extra 1 Kimono” (for only 2 couple per day)
Now Kyoto is in just best period for seeing sakura. But today we are about to start next campaign for people planning to shoot in June in Kyoto. “Extra 1 kimono” of Kyoto kojitsu’s package (HKD 2,000 normally) is enjoyable without extra fee. Even the most reasonable package which is provided by Kyoto Kojitsu guarantees “2 locations” and “500 soft copies”. It means brides will be served at 2 locations with 2 different kimonos. And of course the price is never changed. You can select 2 kimono freely from Irouchikake (色打掛) and Shiromuku (白無垢), the combination is just up to your preference. It might be a good idea that you enjoy 2 kimono with totally different style. In addition, as usual Ema Mino’s customers do never need to pay the fee for any grade of kimono.
*Please be noted the day of your shooting much be in a period (1st June 2017 Thursday to 30th June 2017 Friday), and this campaign is only offered for 2 couples per day.
various of kimono choices
Here is just a part of all kimono choices that you can select. Well, all their selections are quite authentic yet beautiful so we guess it is a bit difficult to choose two from all these all choices. You can have fun with the time you choose your kimono.
Fix your day in this campaign period and get 500 photos with two different authentic kimono!! Contact us now if you want to join!!
*Basic package is HKD 15,930 as of 6th April 2017. But the price might be changed by currency rate or other reasons.
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