Okinawa Cherry blossom festival 2016

Cherry Bloosom Festival Okinawa 2016
First place that we can see the sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan is YANBARU which is located in northern part of Okinawa Island. This Blossom Kanhi-zakura start to open the end of January and has have bell-like petals in various shades of pink. Basically sakura opening period moves from southern part of Japan to north, it means from Okinawa to Hokkaido. But in okinawa, direction is 180 degree different. It starts from north and goes to south. That’s curious yet mysterious. To turn in bloom, cherry blossom front come down from north to south slowly to chase lower temperature. There are lots of good sakura seeing locations on whole Okinawa Island and many festivals are held on the best period. so you will be able to enjoy different festival at each location. In Japan people would like to spend time under the tree while eating, drinking, chatting and so on. It’s not easy to keep the space especially on the best seeing period.
Here is festival information of each locations.
9th Nakijin sakura festival
23rd January (Saturday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Nakijin castle
38th Yaedake sakura festival
23rd January (Saturday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Yaedake Sakuranomori park
54th Nago sakura festival
30th January (Saturday) – 31st January (Sunday) 2016
Around Nago castle
Uruma city river sakura festival
13th February (Saturday) – 14th February (Sunday) 2016
Around nuri river
Naha Chura sakura festival
13th February (Saturday) – 14th February (Sunday) 2016
Lake man park central fountain plaza
10th Yaese sakura festival
22nd January (Friday) – 7th February (Sunday) 2016
Yaese park
kumeno sakura festival
Beginning of March 2016
Motobu cho, Izaumi ku, car park
These years many foreign people also enjoy this Japanese traditional habit on their own way. So it’s also enough that you just walk through under the tree with full bloom, or of course you can copy the style Japanese people like much. It’s the best season to go to Okinawa now because of less rainy days and comfortable temperature. A lot of couples are going to Okinawa this season for wedding ceremony and pre wedding. Sakura landscape must provide unforgettable scene and make your wedding photo more brilliant and captivating. Our partner ST WEDDING is good at selecting great location for your pre wedding and they are going to join Hong Kong Valentine’s fair held on 12-14th February.
If you want to take pre wedding photo with beautiful cherry blossom scene, just visit us to take a look our packages.
Reference: Be.Okinawa
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