Arashiyama 嵐山

[Date: 06/05/2015]

It’s going to be one month soon since the best cherry blossom season.
We have gotten all soft copies of some customers. And one couple allow us to post their photo on our website. Now we show some of their beautiful shoots.
Arashiyama is the place which’s crowded most by many tourists in Kyoto in high season. Especially sakura (Cherry blossom) and  Moniji (Maple leaf) season, we suggest all customers to start to have shooting in early morning to avoid many tourists. But many couples have same thinking, so the earliest time in high season gets fully booking at least 3~4 month before shooting day. Luckily this couple chose Wednesday 3 month before the shooting day, so we started to serve at 7:30 am and they did not face many tourists.

We took shooting at Arashiyama (嵐山) area and Gion (祇園) area. Both these locations are quite traditional and it provide very unique landscape for your shooting. For those who prefer the location many people don’t choose, we are sure Arashiyama is quite good choice. Hope those photos can be helpful as your reference for your decision.
Thank you so much again.
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Outfits from Saki Wedding (Fukuoka)

[Date: 29/04/2015]

We have received many outfits pictures from Saki Wedding photography. 
Total 68 outfits (wedding dress x 22, color dress x 22, 振袖 x 17, 打掛 x 7)
All outfits in their collection are authentic wedding outfits chosen by staffs who has long time experience. Saki Wedding would like to have time for meeting with couples to get more of customer’s idea, and also they will give you great advise about outfits choice in professional opinion. Outfits are swapped by their regular collection change. You will see lots of outfits as your choices from Japanese traditional style to latest modern style.

They had prepared many color variations for color dress and Kimono (振袖,打掛). We are sure you can find suitable one from their outfit choices. And for location, we would suggest you lots of good places for shooting.
Would you like pre wedding in the contemporary city of Fukuoka as well as in Kita-Kyushu city rich with Japanese culture and traditions? It’s fantastic place for eating, shopping and sightseeing as well.
Yokoso Fukuoka!!
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ST WEDDING is published on our Chinese website.

[Date: 09/04/2015]

As you know Okinawa 沖縄 is one of the most popular place for Oversea wedding. Our brand new photography crew “ST WEDDING” from Okinawa is just published on our Chinese website. We have a lot of optional locations in Okinawa as American Village, Manzamou, Chapel Diamond Ocean, Sunnys wedding chapel, Namino-ue shrine and so on. And also we provide unique wedding dress and YUKATA for your outfits choices.

Owner of ST WEDDING Ms.Takamoto speak fluent Chinese and give customer helpful advise about dress, scheduling, location, chapels or any more thing related with your wedding. ST WEDDING has salon and office in Taiwan and work with us in Hong Kong, so they are welcoming lots of couples from Asian countries lately. Packages also varied for pre wedding, legal wedding, chapel rental and wedding ceremony.Please ask us for more details.
We are going to work harder to enhance for our Chinese website. Hope it is helpful for all our customers.
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[Date: 27/03/2015]

Excited to announce that we start to work on collaboration with a new born photography crew “ST WEDDING” from Okinawa.
They provide flexible photo shooting schedule at the location that you select. And also assist you with your choices for the wedding dress, color dresses and even yukata. On the other hand for those who want to bring over own outfits, their basic packages don’t include outfits to make the prices reasonable. And even if you bring over your outfits we don’t cost you any corkage. And also you are able to choose two different chapels which are very famous in Okinawa. Capture that unforgettable moment in the beautiful location of Okinawa. You will have the full support from our photography crew for this special day.They originally worked as wedding atelier to create luxury dresses hand made in Japan and focus Japanese quality.
We are happy to start to work with them for Hong Kong young couple.



Website access from abroad

[Date: 26/03/2015]

Thank you all people who visited our website so far.
It’s been an year since the day we published this website March 2014. We have lots of website visitors from abroad lately. Our company is located in Hong Kong and focus to serve Hong Kong young couple, but we serve for those who want to take photos in Japan no matter where you are from. Contacts from customers are mostly from Asian country, but if more of foreign people will be interested in our business we can have more customers from varied countries. That’s good for everyone.

website visitor distribution

website visitor distribution

Access ranking:
1. Hong Kong
2. Japan

3. USA
4. Singapore
5. Brazil
6. Australia
7. China
8. Malaysia
9. Germany
Hope more and more people are interested in our services and Japan, and we support more customers for their special day. We will keep good quality packages in our second year as well.
Thank you all.

Cherry blossom started to open

[Date: 26/03/2015]

As expected cherry blossom started to open a few days ago in my hometown Fukuoka.
Opening day is heading to north (Hokkaido) from south (Kyushu).
Many customers go to Kyoto at the beginning of April. Hope full bloom would welcome them there.
Each photography teams is going to be busy this period but we still can accept order.
So if you are interested shooting in Sakura landscape please hurry up.
Don’t miss the most beautiful season in Japan.


Valentine’s Wedding Expo

[Date: 12/02/2015]

78th Valentine’s wedding service and banquet expo is going to be held on 13-15th in this weekend.
We would join and serve at Okinawa booth with some special privilege same as usual.
Our advertising brochure is also renewed. Hope to see many visitors at our booth.


We just increased the number of photo soft copies. So you will have more choices for photo album.
Please come over to our booth with your boyfriend/girlfriend or whoever you want to bring.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!


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