Plus one campaign

[Date: 05/11/2014]

【For those who signs the contract by 20th December, we would give you one more small photo album (8×10 20pages).】

8x10 inches / 10x15 inches

8×10 inches / 10×15 inches

You would be able to get two different size albums in our
fixed price on that period. (All our packages include two
albums now)
The reprinting fee of original big album is HKD 1,280,
and HKD 1,080 for smaller one.
Oil Painting

Oil Painting

And the big oil painting with frame (83x57cm) is discounted as well now.
The Original price HKD 888 → HKD 777
If you are curious to our package and want to take a look album/oil-
painting sample, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to
welcoming you!!

Hong Kong Walker

[Date: 04/11/2014]

Our article is on Hong Kong Walker now. (31st Oct 2014)


Kyoto Wedding “京都婚”

[Date: 30/10/2014]
Yahoo news

Yahoo news

According to Yahoo Japan news, more and more couples come over to Kyoto to get married in Kyoto these years.
Not only Japanese but also foreign couples would like to wear some Japanese outfits at traditional temples and shrines for their marriages.
The article of our photography partner “Kyokane 京鐘” is also on this news.
Numbers of marriages in Kyoto has become 40 times of around 25 yeas ago. So nowadays it is difficult to reserve the temple and shrines especially spring and autumn wedding high season.
We are glad to know many foreign couples are interested in Japanese style wedding and hope more people come to Japan for their wedding.



Go Japan (Facebook)

[Date: 25/10/2014]

Our article is on Go Japan’s Facebook page. (24th Oct 2014)


Don’t miss this chance.

[Date: 23/10/2014]

Kyoto Kojitsu have gotten more and more shooting appointments these days.
But 18, 19, 20 and 23 October are still available for the shoot with maple leave landscape.

Kyoto-Kojitsu 京都好日

Kyoto-Kojitsu 京都好日

Shall we capture your great moment with their professional skills in Japan?
They would give you 500 photo’s soft data copies.
If you are interested, it’s time to take the action.



Paradise of Mother Nature “Miyako Island 宮古島”

[Date: 17/10/2014]

When we ask Okinawa local people which sea is the most beautiful in Okinawa, their answer is same all the
time. It is “Miyako Island” that you are able to reach for less than one hour from Naha city.
They express the sea color of Miyako with the word “Miyako Blue”.
Only clear water flow through rivers to sea because there is no high mountain there.


We are now starting discussion for collaboration with amazing facility of Miyako.
They have so many facilities such as restaurants, golf course, chapel, hotels, spa and so on in the over 3.3k㎡
estate. Originally they are an accommodation, so now we are trying to create packages for both of pre-wedding
shooting and wedding banquet that you can stay at this hotel.

We hope we start to serve with this fantastic facilities as soon as possible.

Over 100 couples had came to visit us at “Okinawa Resort Wedding Fair”.

[Date: 29/09/2014]

“Okinawa Resort Wedding Fair” was held at Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel on 28th September.
Over 100 couples (200 people) had came to visit us.
Thank you so much.


Mostly people would like to have shooting at beach and chapel which is located near by seaside.
But some of guests like shooting with Okinawa traditional outfits “琉装” at historical locations such as “Shikina-en 識名園”.
We had prepared many basic packages but also can arrange the one and only package for you.
If you have some idea for shooting, just feel free to let us know first.
We promise you that we will try our best and do whatever we can do for the day of your shoot.



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