Want to try vintage dress?

old fashion outfits
As for the characteristic of the vintage dress, fine handwork and a delicate race errand are unique.
Walnut button selected with commitment and designs up to neckline are very popular with Japanese young couples as orthodox school vintage. Kyoto Kojitsu Photography serves pre wedding shooting with vintage dresses which is not yet known well to foreign couples, and this time we Ema Mino also start to provide this “Vintage dress pre wedding package”.
Girly yet cute
Even those who hesitate wearing vintage dress on wedding ceremony, may be able to feel free to dress on pre wedding. Looking for a suitable dress from choices of many dresses handmade by crafts, must be one of your pleasure in preparation. Because all dresses take time to be handmade by craft one by one, so there are not much sizes. Advance fitting is required to all brides before the day of shooting.
On the other hand, we provide Jacket, shirt, vest, pants, bow tie, pocket handkerchief, suspender and shoes for groom that suit bride’s vintage dress. You can choose shooting locations that we have not served before such as western historical building and indoor photo studio now. Hope you enjoy your special day in this package. Of course, you will wear both vintage dress and Kimono too.
For your special day, we are starting a great package. Please contact us if you are interested. We will send you package information privately. (It takes a bit more days to show this package on our website. We are sorry about it.)
In anyway, these are just a few of your choices. There are much more choices that we are not showing here. Hope you like “Vintage”!!

Wonderful collection

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