Our policy
● WEDDING CONCIERGE does not serve with Japanese KIMONO. Only packages shooting with western outfits are available.
● For preparation of your western outfits, we will ask the detailed body size of you in advance and they will adjust a size to fit your body perfectly for the day of your shoot after advanced fitting.
● Please be on time to arrive at their salon with no make-up or light make-up on the day of your shoot.
● Please don’t put any hair dressing stuff on your hair.
● Groom: Kindly prepare white colored underwear shirt (U neck or V neck) and black or white socks.
● Bride: Kindly choose the underwear with removable strap or nu bra and prepare sunblock cream if need.
Bride is grabbing fresh flower bouquet
● Photographer take photos in public area. Be noted that you might be taken photo by strangers around you without they ask you for permission.
● There is a case that some outsiders are at your background on the pictures.
● Please entrust your valuables and belongings to the assistant during your shooting. We don’t take any responsibilities for loss theft and damage.
● The flower situation and the weather situation are not guaranteed.
● If we start to serve you late in the circumstances of you, the numbers of photo data, outfits and shooting time are not guaranteed.
● In case you caused damage to equipment or outfits in the negligence, we might charge you the damage cost.
● We will charge you cancellation fee in accordance with their policy.
● WEDDING CONCIERGE retouch 50 photos that you choose after shooting. But any claims about photo retouching will not be accepted. Retouching is basically adjustment of brightness and color contrast.
Date extension
● In case the weather forecast of two day before says it rains on the day of your shoot, you can slide your shooting day to another day. (Free of charge). But you cannot select the date that photography team already got fully booking. We will show you available choices of shooting days after you make decision of day extension.
Legal wedding
Foreign couple can marry officially in Fukuoka now
● Registry support: HKD 1,800.
● We Ema Mino will collect the following documents by approximately 3 months before of your marriage day. Then we will send to WEDDING CONCIERGE for checking if all documents have no problem to accept.
● Documents we need you to submit are 1.Birth certificate, 2.Single certificate (the one which profs you are not married), 3.Passport copy and 4.ID card copy. (Sometime we ask you for ID copy and Passport copy of the witness)
● Legal wedding schedule will be done on out of your photo shooting schedule, so photography service in legal wedding registry part is not included. Taking photos / video in the process of marriage registration is optional. Please ask us about details.
● Registry office basically issue your marriage certificate on the day. But it sometime takes more than two days. We will pick it up instead of you and send it to Hong Kong if you don’t have time / or you don’t stay in Japan (Option: HKD 300). Otherwise of course you can go to government office by yourself after they get ready to issue.
● Please ask us for more information at the meeting.
● We Ema Mino follow each photography’s cancellation policy. Each photography has each different cancellation policy so please refer the following charges.
●The day of order ~ 45 days advance: 20%, ●44~15 days advance: 80%,
●Within 2 weeks: 100% of total amount of invoice
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Why people choose us and Japanese photography team?

Pre wedding produced by Japanese
Nowadays Japan has became one of the most popular countries in the world for oversea pre wedding and wedding ceremony. Some couples have not only pre wedding but also banquet and legal wedding. Everybody want to make their wedding so special and memorial but of course a lot of people (staffs) relate with your big day so it must be quite important to choose right wedding support team. We Ema Mino is Japanese company established in 2014 and have been working as Hong Kong agency of Japanese photography and wedding teams for foreign young couples. All our partner teams are Japanese companies. It means we are very professional and familiar with serving in Japan.
Since many people start to choose Japan for their wedding, many foreign companies have served in Japan. And we have got reports from Japanese government that some of those companies take pre wedding without license at where we have to get permission or not allowed to take photos. And you are forced to stop taking photo by government officer. But We Ema Mino will have enough time to talk to you to get your idea, and prepare everything that we need in advance. So you will never need to worry anything about your big day.
All photography crews that serve you on the day of your shoot are Japanese companies. All staffs are Japanese so we can say with real confidence that you will have a great services with nice care and consideration that only Japanese can find. We would like you to feel Japanese service quality and enjoy your special day in Japan.
Kimono and western outfits
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