Photo Shoot

Do you serve photo shooting or Videography in Hong Kong too?

Yes we do serve pre wedding, shooting for family photo and maternity photo in Hong Kong. Our crew have more than 1,000 outfits for various scene such as pre wedding, tea ceremony, banquet and so on. Package details and prices depends on the season, date and time. Ask us to get specific details when you fix your idea.
For example,
Pre wedding package | HKD 12,000
● Service hours: 8 Hours
● 2 dresses for bride + 1 tuxedo for groom
● Make up (for bride) and Hair do (for both bride and groom)
● Courtesy car
● Soft copies of 250 photos (at least)
● Photo retouching for 40 photos
● 10 x 14 inches 20 pages photo album
All included.
Photography in Hong Kong
We are pleased to serve you here in Hong Kong too and looking forward to hearing from you.

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