Planning and Booking

How far in advance should we start to prepare?

Some of popular photography teams start to get orders over half year before the shooting date especially in cherry blossom season, maple leaf season and even Japanese high season (October and November). Normally most of customers take 2 months to choose one package from their all choices. Meaning you should start to prepare at least 8 months before the day of your shooting.
We have lots of packages and can suggest suitable one anytime even for the urgent case and those who is rush to decide. But there are heaps of things that you have to fix in advance such as photography crew, outfits, shooting location, date, hair style, make up and even your flight and accommodation. We constantly join wedding fair and expo too. Check our event schedule and come to see our promotional packages too.
In anyway if you can start preparation earlier, you will not miss the best choice.
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