Fukuoka 福岡 (Kitakyushu 北九州)

Dream Dome 【Pre wedding in Fukuoka, Kyushu】

Sakura in Japan
What do you expect when you travel to Japan? Historical shrine, Japanese garden, clear blue ocean, fantastic foods… Fukuoka and other region in Kyushu ensure all these requirements. We “Dream Dome” are based in such great place Fukuoka, never hesitate to work hard for your special day with authentic attires and experienced photography crew. Come to Fukuoka a ...Read more
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Photography FEEL 【Pre wedding, family, anniversary in Fukuoka】

Maizuru park Fukuoka
“Fukuoka” is the town where nature and city are fused. We “Photography FEEL” are photography crews, have a head salon at Fukuoka city and two other salons at Kumamoto and Kagoshima in Kyushu and we take care of all sections for your photo shooting such as outfits, locations, making up, courtesy car arrangement and photo shooting in our own photography crew. ...Read more
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RES WEDDING 【Family photo, Pre wedding in Fukuoka】

【Over 1,000 selections of Dress and Kimono】 RES WEDDING, operated by a dress shop with more than 20 years of history, our authentic collection, includes not only wedding dresses but also colored dresses, Japanese traditional outfits, tuxedo and even armor. We regularly change our collection, offering a wide variety of the latest brands. This is made possible ...Read more
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Saki Wedding 【Pre wedding, Legal wedding, Chapel in Fukuoka】

Hold my hand with you forever
We offer wedding banquets and photo shooting opportunities set in the contemporary city of Fukuoka as well as in Kita-Kyushu city rich with Japanese culture and traditions, many of which were location sites for movies and TV series. Fantastic sunset along the beach at “Café Mahalo,” the magnificent “Wakato Bridge,” the gate of Kyushu “Mojiko Station” with ov ...Read more
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HOTEL GREGES 【Pre wedding, Ceremony, Chapel, Hotel in Fukuoka】

Pre wedding at beach
First of all, we would like you to enjoy ocean view from HOTEL GREGES. Clear blue sky which expands infinitely, bright yellow sunshine, cobalt blue of ocean which spreads to horizon. We HOTEL GREGES welcome you with these colors the nature produce. Swearing on an eternal love to horizon at GREGES will remind you an oath of this day every time you view ocean. ...Read more
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Fukuoka Wedding Arrangement (Temporary out of service)

Only one
[Attention] They temporarily stopped to accept new orders due to package revision.   Beautiful beaches in Okinawa, historical temples and shrines in Kyoto,,, These symbols of Japan are attracting many foreign travellers every year. Then which symbol do you imagine for Fukuoka?   There are colorful flower fields, beaches, Japanese gardens, shrine an ...Read more
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