Hokkaido -北海道

Lykke Photo Style Sapporo【Pre wedding in Hokkaido】

Obihiro Hokkaido
Lykke means “ happiness”, “luck”, “fortune “ in Northern Europe. Why we chose this name is when you open the photo book, it will remind you of your memories of Hokkaido. Life is a long journey. We would love to capture those happy moments in a photo. Our main two studios are located in “Sapporo” and “Tokachi” Eastern Hokkaido. Our pro ...Read more
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Lykke Photo Style East【Pre wedding in eastern Hokkaido】

Vast land of Hokkaido
“Lykke” is Norwegian, means “happiness” and “good luck”. Lykke Photo Style was named by our wish that we create photos filled with happiness. We are located in Tokachi, serve at many locations in Hokkaido.   You will see totally different sceneries of four seasons, cherry blossom (Sakura) scene in spring, wheat field, flower field and fresh green leaves ...Read more
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M and M Company 【Pre wedding in Hokkaido】

–Hokkaido offers unforgettable experiences which you will not find anywhere else– Capture the moment to last forever – “Location photo in Hokkaido”. Loved by overseas visitors as well as Japanese travelers, Hokkaido is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Japan. The number one attraction of Hokkaido is it’s ...Read more
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Bloomington Hill 【Pre wedding, Chapel in Hokkaido】

–Bridal Photography Plan–   Asahikawa, Furano, Biei. Perfect photograph against the seasonal landscapes of popular Hokkaido’s locations. From the colorful flowers of Spring and Summer to the silvery white of Winter. Hokkaido’s seasonal natural environment creates a romantic story for the two of you to share. Memorable photographs ...Read more
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Moiwa Shalom Church 【Pre wedding in Hokkaido】

Our service provides the photographs of a lifetime against the backdrop of Hokkaido’s natural beauty. Local staff with a detailed knowledge of Hokkaido tailor shooting on location to suit your needs. Sapporo is a large city, but is also blessed with a rich natural environment. Otaru provides a nostalgic atmosphere, while Asahikawa offers a magnificent natura ...Read more
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